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Celebrating the dedication of W&M's employees

The following people will be recognized at William & Mary's Employee Appreciation Service Awards event on June 16, 2015, for reaching milestones in their years of service to the university. Those being recognized have served W&M for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 years. Virginia Institute of Marine Science employees were recognized at a seperate ceremony. - Ed.

Five years

Amy A. Americo, Student Health Center
Joshua Andelin, School of Business
Emily H. Bailey, International Studies
Amanda K. Barth, School of Business
Angela M. Baum, Facilities Management
Benjamin I. Boone, Dean of Students Office
Brenda L. Brooks, Facilities Management
Robert B. Byrd, Office of the Registrar
Carleen Cameron, Swem Library
Tracy L. Coates, Psychology
Joseph R. Cunningham, Information Technology
Jennifer Currin, Commons
Annie C. Davis, Development
Grace Davison, Sadler
Tyrone E. Detrick, W&M Police
James P. Ducibella, University Relations
Allison Edwards-Thomas, School of Business
Terence A. Fassanella, Residence Life
Xia Feng, Institutional Analysis and Eff
Jodi Fisler, Student Affairs
Joshua P. Frederick, Development
Patricia A. Fredrick, Student Leadership Development
Amy Hall, Copy Center
Dana L. Headden, School of Business
Laura S. Hild, Swem Library
Idella "Missy" Hogg, Commons
Julie Y. Hummel, School of Business
Agatha Johnson, Catering
Erica M. Lawler, Sponsored Programs
Ruth A. Layman, School of Law
Brian C. Lipp, Information Technology
Susan Lynch, School of Law
Warrenetta C. Mann, Counseling Center
David A. McKinley, Facilities Management
Alexander Moore, Catering
William C. Morrison, Facilities Management
Daniel P. Norton, School of Business
Marguerite F. Pryor, Facilities Management
Mark D. Ricciarelli, Information Technology
Derek Riddick, W&M Police
Vincent R. Roggero, Biology
Edgar A. Schardein, W&M Police
Jean Sibley, Swem Library
Sarah M. Smith, Athletic Department
Terrance "Ricky" Strong, Commons
Laura M. Sullivan-Goodman, Student Leadership Development
Eric M. Taylor, Facilities Management
Linda K. Tesar, Law Library
Andre A. Thomas, Facilities Management
Candice A. VanBibber, Information Technology
Benjamin C. Walker, Facilities Management
Alison G. Wood, Ash Lawn-Highland
Christine Wright, Marketplace

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10 years

Jan G. Abbott, School of Law
Adam D. Anthony, Washington, D.C. Office
Rebecca L. Beasley, School of Education
Amy R. Blackburn, School of Business
Elizabeth N. Brown, Swem Library
Julia A. Brown, Career Center
Kathryn T. Burger, School of Law
Beverly Carnahan, Child Care Center
Archie Carter, Marketplace
Brandon S. Coles, Development
Sophie B. Correll, Public Policy
Kristen D. Fagan, Office of Administration
Jennifer R. Fisher, Campus Recreation
Lynette D. Fleming, Facilities Management
Rosario Fox, School of Education
Nancy P. Fulghum, Office of the Bursar
Constance C. Gillam, School of Business
Elizabeth L. Harper, Postal Services
Gregory M. Henderson, Student Affairs
Vernon J. Hurte, Center for Student Diversity
James C. Jacobs, Facilities Management
Jacqulyn Johnson, Computer Science
Miles P. Kosloff, Facilities Management
Patricia A. Lalumiere, School of Business
Pamela H. Mason, Office of the President
Joseph M. McClain, University Relations
Jason P. McDevitt, Technology Transfer
Diane E. McNamara, Development
Elizabeth J. Monroe, Archaeological Research
Eileen M. O'Toole, Swem Library
Shelley R. Paulson, Student Affairs
Linda L. Piotrowski, Admission
Janet Y. Pollard, Facilities Management
Tonya R. Porter, Facilities Management
Louise B. Pulley, School of Law
Barbara O. Rawlings, Facilities Management
Margaret Riswadker, Bookstore
William P. Robbins, Information Technology
Arnel Robedillo, Commons
Tyrone Seaborne, Residence Life
Stephen J. Sechrist, International Studies
Ramona J. Sein, School of Law
Lauren P. Seney, Law Library
Paul H. Showalter, Swem Library
Alfreda T. Smith, Facilities Management
Venus Spencer, Kinesiology
Olga V. Trofimova, Applied Research Center
Lorraine Truhart, Facilities Management
Larry D. Tunstall, Facilities Management
Kenneth L. Tyler, University Centers
Deborah A. Watts, Facilities Management
Virginia D. Wells, Student Health Center
Celestine N. White, Office of the Provost
Eleonor V. Wilkinson, Physics
Timothy A. Wolfe, Admission

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15 years

Deborah J. Acheson, Property Control
Dana D. Anderson-Radcliffe, Residence Life
Susan E. Ballard-Huther, School of Business
Maureen G.  Bounds, Student Health Center
Lawrence E. Bruner, Facilities Management
Gerald Bullock, Development
Roger O. Clark, Information Technology
Carla A. Costello, Office of the President
Tom Crockett, Information Technology
John D. Falin, Facilities Management
Kim J. Frange-Sosa, Development
Lynne E. Harmon, School of Law
Betty Harris, Sadler
Pamela R. Hawkes, Art & Art History
Ruby R. Holmes, Facilities Management
Johnnie W. Jarrell, W&M Police
Ramon Jones, Bookstore
Sherri T. Kelley, Facilities Management
Linda A. Knight, Campus Recreation
Jaime L. LaBianco, Athletic Department
Terri T. Lorincz, School of Law
Nina D. Lyttle, Facilities Management
Jennifer J. Morgan, Development
Richard A. Morgan, Facilities Management
Kathleen Nolen-Martin, Development
Vanessa D. Pryor, Admission
Timothy M. Russell, Keck Lab
Andrew D. Stelljes, Student Leadership Development
Richard M. Thompson, University Centers
David E. Trott, Information Technology
Valerie Scura Trovato, Government
Amy L. Wilkerson, Applied Research Center

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20 years

Sharon R. Brown, Facilities Management
Cherice L. Carlos, Internal Audit
John C. Carpenter, Facilities Management
Elizabeth A. DeWees, Facilities Management
Elizabeth R. Dolan, Admission
Lee J. Foster, Development
John S. Hayes, Information Technology
Mary K. Lewis, Athletic Department
Penny M. Mayton, Parking Services
Donald McGriff, Facilities Management
Melissa Meekins, Child Care Center
Walter L. Minor, University Centers
Maria E. Pada, Information Technology
Diane R. Shelton, School of Education
Der-Hong Shieh, Chemistry
Thomas W. Steele, Athletic Department
Gilbert L. Stewart, Facilities Management
Joanne F. Taylor, Office of the Registrar
Terry Trojak, School of Business
Shannon L. Turnage, Office of the Registrar
Deborah S. Walker, School of Education
Wendy K. Webb-Robers, Career Center
Michael E. Wood, Facilities Management

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25 years

Victoria Baker, Commons
Ray A. Burks, University Centers
Timothy R. Callahan, Information Technology
Tracey B. Conger, Facilities Management
Ivan W. Cosby, Facilities Management
Willett N. Cubby, Facilities Management
Judy Davis, International Studies
Linda G. Deuell, Information Technology
Sharon A. Garner, Swem Library
Carol Hinkle, Information Technology
Lizbeth A. Jackson, School of Law
Theresa Jarrell, Office of the Bursar
Betta Labanish, Law Library
James E. Martin, Facilities Management
Shelfer D. Peace, Athletic Department
Sherry L. Peace, Facilities Management
Donald J. Welsh, Swem Library
Darlene O. White, Facilities Management
Jody T. Williams, Facilities Management

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30 years

Janet W. Balentine, General Accounting
William M. Epperson, Facilities Management
Dilcia Sofia Hornung, Office of the Registrar
Jane A. Lopez, Sponsored Programs
Natasha McFarland, Swem Library
Linda N. Nicely, Office of the Bursar
Beverly L. Tyler, University Centers
James Wallace, Transportation Services
Alan F. Zoellner, Swem Library

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35 years

Gwendolyn "Marie" Bell, Commons
Deborah Boykin, Residence Life
Ellen Cloyed, Swem Library
Lynnette H. Jenkins, Procurement Office
Pedro N. Jones, W&M Police
Jimmye M. Laycock, Athletic Department

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40 years

Kay J. Domine, Swem Library
Teresa A. Lemons, Career Center
Bonnie Walker, Commons

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