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Honoring the service of W&M's staff members

  • Service awards
    Service awards  Honorees at the 2014 Service Awards Ceremony pose for a photo with the Griffin.  Photo by Skip Rowland
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The following people will be recognized at William & Mary's Service Awards Ceremony on June 17 for reaching milestones in their years of service to the university. Those being recognized have served W&M for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 years. Virginia Institute of Marine Science employees were recognized at a seperate ceremony. - Ed.

Five years

James J. Baez-An, Campus Police
Jeffery H. Cahoon, Information Technology
Rosalie C. Coleman, Facilities Management
Margaret F. Connolly, Student Activities
Tonya L. Cosby, School of Law
Christopher W. Crockett, Campus Police
Gail M. DeBlass, School of Law
Suzanne W. Demeo, Tennis Center
Chester L. Edmonson, Facilities Management
Karen L. Emery, Facilities Management
Renea M. Eubanks, School of Education
Kevin L. Gilliam, Muscarelle Museum
Kathleen S. Glindemann, Dean of Students Office
Susan P. Grainger, School of Business
John N. Gray, Residence Life
Jose Guerra, Dining Services
Rashawn Harris, Dining Services
Cindy R. Hart, Admissions
Gloria K. Hibbard, School of Law
Deborah Hite, Dining Services
William T. Hodges, Information Technology
Kenry Ivy, Dining Services
Mary T. Jackson, Facilities Management
John B. Jones, Residence Life
Stacy J. Jones, Residence Life
Eric L. Lamb, Facilities Management
Eddie L. Lemon, Facilities Management
Aneta Edyta Leska, Inst Theory & Intl Relations
Christina Smith Lewis, School of Law
Virginia Marshall, Dining Services
Annette Mason, Dining Services
Peter Mosiello, Dining Services
Joseph Mosley, Dining Services
Kristina M. Neuhart, Charles Center
Linda A. Ours, General Accounting
Jean M. Pokorny, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Debbie L. Porter, Facilities Management
Victoria L. Pryor, Facilities Management
Van K. Radcliffe, Parking Services
Kimberly S. Renner, Wren Building
Shannon A. Retzbach, Development
Dorothy C. Reyes, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Nancy M. Rilee, Campus Police
Erica C. Silva-Carl, Campus Police
Pamela A. Smith, Student Health Center
William B. Smith, Ash Lawn-Highland
Zachary Sprankle, Dining Services
Douglas W. Stradford, Information Technology
Renate E. Tietze, Theatre, Speech and Dance
Patricia E. Vick, Campus Police
Whitney W. Weidner, School of Law
Kisa A. White, Postal Services
Melissa D. Wilson, Facilities Management
Jesse Windley, Creative Services
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10 years

Aubrey D. Batchelor, Facilities Management
Celia R. Brown, University Centers
Susan J. Cheesman, Grants & Research
Karen G. Conner, School of Business
Robin M. Davis, Development
Debra A. Eck, Sociology
Norman Elton, Information Technology
Dawn Faith, Dining Services
Jack G. Farraj, Information Technology
Cindy L. Gass, Grants & Research
Althea Y. Green, Facilities Management
Jason S. Hamlin, Parking Services
Jeffrey R. Harris, Facilities Management
Patricia D. Herrera, Information Technology
Catherine M. Jacobs, Art & Art History
Lartresha Jones, Dining Services
Patricia A. Lawrence, Academic Advising
Eric M. Myers, Information Technology
Joy L. Payne, Human Resources
Carol R. Roe, Geology
Faith F. Smith, Property Control
Sang H. Smith, Facilities Management
Bonnie Van Zandt, Dining Services
Gail L. Watts, General Accounting
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15 years

Karen M. Baird, Dean of Students Office
Mary A. Banks, Facilities Management
Michael Blum, Information Technology
Mark D. Eaton, Information Technology
Catherine B. Fritzius, School of Law
Sharon Johnson, Dining Services
Cynthia M. Mack, Swem Library
Mary A. Matthewson, Postal Services
Rebecca A. Mazzarella, Law Library
Richard L. Proper, Applied Research Center
Karen A. Schwartz, Institutional Analysis and Eff
Mildred A. Sink, Swem Library
Suzanne S. Smethurst, Law Library
Bernice M. Szabo, Counseling Center
Peg Wagner, School of Law
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20 years

Barbara W. Boyer, Swem Library
Valerie D. Brooks, Residence Life
Leslie M. Condra, Swem Library
Ellen F. Dean, University Centers
Janette Fulton, Facilities Management
Dudley J. Greene, Facilities Management
Doris Kappes, Law Library
Nancy H. Kausch, Development
Christine S. Ladnier, Student Affairs
Beverly L. Laws, Chemistry
Rudy Robins, School of Business
Kari-Lise Slettemoen, Information Technology
Issac Smith, Dining Services
Tommie E. Thompson, Facilities Management
Avery L. Vaughan, Facilities Management
Bonnie J. Willard, Physics
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25 years

Jacquelyn C. Bannister, General Accounting
Claudette T. Canady, Athletic Department
Tamara A. Cooper, Religious Studies
Teri Edmundson, Creative Services
Laura D. Jackson, Development
Martin Krzok, Dining Services
Linda L. Melochick, Investment Administration
Sherrene V. Moore, Procurement Office
Robert A. Ross, Facilities Management
Henry W. Smith, Ash Lawn-Highland
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30 years

Sharon M. Bohn, Internal Audit
Vanessa L. Godwin, Computer Science
Barbara C. Hiler, Facilities Management
Carole J. Shaver, Human Resources
Diana R. Tennis, Auxiliary Services
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35 years

Myrtle R. Cox, Athletic Department
Diane R. Dudley, Swem Library
Ernest L. Kirby, Facilities Management
Joyce L. Lampkin, Office of the Bursar
Valerie White, Dining Services
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40 years

Marion Dover, Dining Services
G. Daniel Ewart, Information Technology
Glendora M. James, Swem Library
James M. Marrs, Facilities Management
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