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AidData gets international recognition

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    Transparency  AidData, a public website and search engine tracking development finance flows, is coordinated by William & Mary's Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations in collaboration with Brigham Young University and Development Gateway.  
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In recent months,  AidData -- a joint initiative of the College of William & Mary, Brigham Young University, and Development Gateway -- received some international media recognition.

In late May, the Guardian newspaper’s global development website featured AidData’s blog, The First Tranche. First Tranche was launched in March 2010. The post described the blog as “a forum for discussion and analysis of how aid information can be used to improve development practice and research.”

The website also highlighted the AidData database and mentioned regular Tranche contributor Brad Parks. Parks ‘03 is the co-executive director of AidData and research faculty at William & Mary's Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations.

Then in June, the Guardian’s “Poverty Matters” newsletter also noted the addition of First Tranche to their blogosphere in a June 7 post. “Poverty Matters” is distributed bi-weekly and highlights stories from the Guardian’s global development website.

The Guardian is a British daily newspaper founded in 1821. In 2011 the Guardian was recognized as “The Newspaper of the Year” by the British Press Awards. It was the third time the newspaper received this recognition having also won the honor in 1999 and 2006.

AidData’s aim is to increase the impact of development assistance by making aid information more transparent and accessible to a wide range of stakeholders, and improve the quality of research on aid allocation and aid effectiveness.  Also launched in March 2010, AidData is the result of the merged efforts of Project-Level Aid (PLAID) and Development Gateway.