William & Mary

W&M Law School repository reaches 5,000 items

In the summer of 2010, William & Mary’s Wolf Law Library launched the W&M Law School Scholarship Repository to promote and archive our community’s intellectual output.  After posting complete runs of the Law School’s five journals and more than 1,000 articles from our faculty, we are happy to announce that the 5,000th and 5,001st items have been added to the Repository. The items added to reach this monumental mark are photographs of the George Wythe Pleading (William Russell v. Thomas Dowde) and the John Marshall Letter, both of which are on display in the library’s Nicholas St. George Rare Book Room.

Our Scholarship Repository is one of the first in the U.S. to provide access to an entire archive of a law school’s journals, and the Law Library achieved this at a record-setting pace of just three months.  The Law Library is keeping the journal collections up-to-date by including current issues as they are published.  Our faculty’s journal articles are also a major focal point of the Scholarship Repository.

In addition to our faculty publications and our five extant law journals, the Scholarship Repository also includes two now-defunct law journals, library publications, and W&M’s Annual Tax Conference.  As we progress through 2011, we will document the history of the Law School by including items such as annual reports and admissions brochures, student newspapers and class facebooks, and photographs and videos of Law School events.