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Employee Appreciation Day '11: Service Awards

The following people will be recognized at the College of William and Mary's Employee Appreciation Day for reaching milestones in their years of service to the College. Those being recognized have served the College for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 or 45 years.  - Ed.

5 years

Rebecca A. Bliley, ID Office
Archie Carter, Marketplace
Laurel Chapman, IKON
Larry J. Clark, Facilities Management
Daniel W. Clouser, Information Technology
Mary E. Dalton, School of Law
Shelley L. Dowling, Law Library
Regina E. Drifmeyer, School of Education
Marie H. Edwards, Ash Lawn-Highland
Lorraine L. Enright, Auxiliary Services
Elizabeth A. Francis, Biology
Gretchen L. G Bedell, School of Law
James F. Grasser, Campus Police
Zella M. Green, Residence Life
Steven A. Haag, Information Technology
Cheryl L. Harris, Student Health Center
Alvin M. Lomax, Facilities Management
Derek Mathis, School of Law
John S. Mattie, Facilities Management
Donna McDowell, Aux - University Center
Rita H. Murphy, School of Business
Evguenia Orlova, Biology
Linda S. Parris, Human Resources
Amy K. Pfenning, Campus Police
Terri L. Poteet, Office of the Registrar
Kimberly A. Reeves, School of Business
Dorothy A. Robertson, Student Health Center
Tila D. Rosser, Residence Life
Melissa J. Rouette, Development
Mark E. Schafer, Campus Police
Candace M. Shorter, Psychology
Sharon J. Smith, Law Library
Jeffrey E. Stull, Facilities Management
Arlene Trinidad, Aux - University Center
Kenneth L. Tyler, University Centers
Celeste C. Vaughn, School of Law
Wilbert M. Walker, University Centers
Carolyn V. Watson, Facilities Management
Celestine N. White, Office of the Provost
Terrence L. White, Residence Life
Mark C. Windley, Strategic Initiatives
Kenneth D. Young, Residence Life
Kevin P. O’Brien, VIMS    Physical Sciences
Dorothy O. Robinson, VIMS Facilities Management
Kathleen E. Knick, VIMS Biological Sciences
John D. Lange, VIMS Fisheries Sciences
Mirtha Karinna Nunez, VIMS CCRM
Beverlyn W. Ferguson, VIMS Financial Operations
Kersten N. Wheeler, VIMS EAAH
Melanie Lynn F. Chattin, VIMS    Fisheries Sciences
Edward G. Smith, VIMS Eastern Shore Laboratory
Sarah L. McGuire, VIMS CBNERR
Valerie W. Johnson, VIMS Physical Sciences
Katherine J. Blackshear, VIMS ABC
Alison Smith, VIMS Biological Sciences

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10 years

Deborah J. Acheson, Property Control
Christine Banks, The Commons
Cornelia B. Brown, Investment Administration
John W. Buck, Facilities Management
Shanay D. Butler, English
Phyllis A. Buttrom, Residence Life
Maggie C. Canady, Facilities Management
Cindy J. Carroll, Development
Jeffery D. Chestney, Development
Carole A. Conger, Swem Library
Mary J. Damon, Theatre, Speech and Dance
Joseph T. Deger, School of Business
Richard K. Dye, Facilities Management
Janet F. Elsasser, Swem Library
Tracey P. Encarnacion, Information Technology
Lidia M. Epp, Biology
Carol A. Frieden, Swem Library
Devon G. Futrell, Residence Life
James S. Gatling, Postal Services
Alvin C. Graham, Residence Life
William D. Green, Residence Life
Betty Harris, Aux - University Center
Steven A. Hicks, Facilities Management
Patricia Hilger, Chemistry
Julia E. Jimmison, Facilities Management
Joese R. Johnson-Caffey, Residence Life
Matthew I. Keel, Information Technology
Patricia E. Luke, Economics
Aretha A. McMiller, Residence Life
Thomas J. Meier, Biology
Paul A. Morie, Facilities Management
Clarke H. Morledge, Information Technology
Diana H. Morris, Charles Center
Theodore J. Noffsinger, School of Business
Darrell S. Payne, Facilities Management
Regina Pearson, Aux - University Center
Anita T. Perry, Information Technology
Corinne M. Picataggi, Development
Ann Repeta, Student Activities
Chandi J. Singer, Swem Library
Verasak Singhaseni, Facilities Management
Ellen H. Sutton, School of Business
Wanda L. Washington, Facilities Management
James M. Whitehead, Facilities Management
Pablo Yanez, Information Technology
David M. Stanhope, VIMS CCRM
Miriam J. Beckwith, VIMS Development
Amy L. Owens, VIMS Biological Sciences
Mary A. Bynum, VIMS Physical Sciences
Brian E. Watkins, VIMS Fisheries Sciences
Ronald T. Herzick, VIMS Facilities Management
Marta P. Sanderson, VIMS Physical Sciences
Sandra L. Eatmon, VIMS Procurement

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15 years

Ellery Ashby, Marketplace
Blanche A. Brooks, Residence Life
Samuel D. Kelley, Athletic Department
Jeanette S. McCarthy, Ash Lawn-Highland
Sharon A. Mikanowicz, Office of the Bursar
Sharon G. Palma, Modern Languages
Mary B. Pasipanki, School of Law
Brian M. Randall, Military Science
Dorothy J. Shiflett, Ash Lawn-Highland
Rebecca A. Strohmeier, Tennis Center
Elizabeth A. MacIntyre, VIMS EAAH
Carol J. Pollard, VIMS Analytical Services
Christine A. Wilcox, VIMS Physical Services

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20 years

Alexander Artis, Swem Library
Victoria Baker, The Commons
Florence B. Blackford, Ash Lawn-Highland
Jean Brown, American Studies
Wymona Y. Brown, Facilities Management
Jackolyn Carter, General Accounting
Cynthia R. Dellaposta, Swem Library
Russell S. Hubert, Ash Lawn-Highland
Kirk A. Jacobs, Physics
Maxine E. Johnson, Facilities Management
Nancy L. Pavelich, Information Technology
Byron V. Simpson, Facilities Management
Christopher A. Smith, Facilities Management
George R. Williams, Athletic Department
Barbara J. Rutan, VIMS EAAH
Suzanne K. Pitsillides, VIMS Sponsored Programs
Karen K. Reay, VIMS CCRM

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25 years

Christie L. Arntz, Swem Library
Joanne Barnes, Marketplace
Connie S. Grimes, Information Technology
David Hailey, The Commons
Anita Y. Hamlin, Student Activities
Peggy W. Manger, Biology
Ursula M. McLaughlin, Muscarelle Museum   
Kathleen P. Morgan, Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Curtis S. Moyer, Anthropology
Gloria J. Todd, School of Law
Beverly L. Tyler, University Centers
Ilona L. Wilkins, Residence Life
Nancy A. Stokes, VIMS EAAH

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30 years

Ruth L. Ashby, Facilities Management
Marie Bell, The Commons
Marilyn F. Carlin, Strategic Initiatives
Wanda D. Carter, Graduate Studies
Malinda L. Cooke, Residence Life
John R. Cotman, Facilities Management
Cay Davis, Swem Library
Barbara A. Hensley, Ash Lawn-Highland
Renee L. Peace, Biology
Paula C. Perry, Physics
Ernest H. Russell, Facilities Management
Annette B. Washington, Property Control
Sandra J. Wilms, Office of the President
Evelina E. Wright, Student Health Center
Ellen Harvey, VIMS EAAH
Michael S. Cooke, VIMS Facilities Management
Regina A. Burrell, VIMS Biological Sciences

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35 years

Douglas S. Fenstermacher, Information Technology
David A. Tidwell, Facilities Management
Bonnie Walker, The Commons
Anna Fisher, VIMS ITNS

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40 years

Juanita Achols, Facilities Management
Geraldine S. Ellis, Information Technology
Deloris Holloway, The Commons

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45 years

Betsy O. Croswell, Office of the Registrar

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