William & Mary

Change Right Now: The Bay Rivers Rap (see News Video below)

Verse 1

The bay could use the help of our agents to get clean
And after we are through, it’s gonna be pristine
Cause after all the runoff and the sewage and pollution
There comes a time when we need a solution
And with the fertilizer and all of the nitrate
It is enough to make the human race feel irate
Cuz as it mixes with the waters of the bay
It’ll cause eutrophication of the algae right away

And that’s just how the oxygen depletes
Creating dead zones as water grasses meet defeat
And as the bay is dying all its species
Simply cannot live in a healthy state
So waters waters sorry we’re late
We’re on our way to make a cleaner place
We’ll do our part to turn the tables right
And as we reach our goals, know that the end’s in sight

Verse 2

Somebody take us back to the days
When populations thrived throughout the whole bay
Before key species ever came so close to collapse
Yeah back when numbers soared for oysters and the blue crabs
And back when habitats could serve as healthy homes
Where eelgrass beds could shelter all of the blue crab young
And shells could lend hard surface for new oysters to grow on
But lately oh lately all these shell fish are gone

It’s time we take a stand for the Chesapeake Bay
We’ll have to take the steps we need to bring about change
Lets join our forces and together we can make
Reef balls to drop into the waters of the bay
And then we’ll do our best to raise awareness
Convincing all the people to use fertilizers less
So here we stand and then again we’ll say
We’re hopin’ we can do our part to rescue the bay