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Homecoming refresher: Accidentals perform the 'Alma Mater'

  • Alma Mater refresher
    Alma Mater refresher  The Accidentals perform their stylish version of the W&M classic.  
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As members of the Tribe community prepare to return to campus for Homecoming 2009, many are busy dusting off their fondest memories of their William & Mary experiences. They also may want to brush up on their "Alma Mater."

Toward that end, the office of university relations is pleased to present the Accidentals performing their own stylish, upbeat version of the William & Mary classic (see video).

The Accidentals, an all-female a cappella group, began performing their own arrangement of the Alma Mater soon after the group's formation in 1992. It has become the group's "signature" piece, according to current member Mary Judge.

"It is really important for the Accidentals to sing the Alma Mater because it means so much to the College," Judge said. "It truly lets the Acci's show our school pride. " Performing the piece generates "connectivity" within the group, as well as with the broad range of campus traditions, she continued.

"Our Alma Mater" was written by James Southall Wilson, who was a member of the College's class of 1904. Although there have been a few changes to the lyrics over time, the song's message and its impact on Tribe alumni remains consistent. According to Judge, "It will never go out of style."

For members of the Tribe who find themselves humming the tune while stumbling over some of the lyrics, the words are presented below:

Hark the students' voices swelling,
Strong and true and clear,
Alma Maters love their telling,
Ringing far and near.

William and Mary loved of old,
Hark upon the gale.
Hear the thunder of our chorus,
Alma Mater hail!

God, our Father, hear our voices,
Listen to our cry.
Bless the College of our fathers,
Let her never die.

All thy sons are faithful to thee,
Through their college days,
Singing loud from hearts that love thee,
Alma Mater's praise.

Iron shod or golden sandaled,
Shall the years go by.
Still our hearts shall weave about thee,
Love that cannot die.