William & Mary

Campus safety message - Nov. 3

Vice President for Student Affairs Ginger Ambler sent the following message to the campus community Thursday night - Ed.

Dear W&M Community,

I am writing to inform you about a police response earlier this evening that required the evacuation of the Sadler Center.

William & Mary Police received a call about two suspicious individuals who were on campus in a patio area near the Sadler Center. The initial report by one of our students to police was that these two men had their faces covered with masks and one might be carrying a gun.  Police responded and did an immediate search of the surrounding area. The Sadler Center was also briefly evacuated and officers searched each room in the building. The police officers did not find anyone meeting the description of the suspicious individuals nor any evidence of a weapon or mask.  After further investigation, the witness told police the individuals may have been young teenagers wearing scarves. She was also unsure that what she saw was a gun. At this point, police cannot verify the report and do not believe there is any threat to campus or the community.

On a close, residential campus like ours, I realize rumors can spread quickly. I am writing tonight so you have accurate facts about tonight’s evacuation of the Sadler Center.  I am thankful this student called police tonight when she noticed something unusual on our campus. And I am especially grateful that tonight’s report did not turn into a real threat to safety on our campus. If you ever notice something suspicious, please do just as this student did and contact police.

Ginger Ambler