William & Mary

President's message regarding furloughs

William & Mary President Taylor Reveley sent the following message to faculty and staff Friday, April 2, 2010 regarding a furlough day proposed by the state of Virginia. - Ed.

Dear William & Mary Colleagues,

Taylor ReveleyAs you know, the Commonwealth has required all state employees to take one unpaid furlough day before the end of this fiscal year on June 30. In the budget recently approved by the General Assembly, however, there was language permitting public colleges and universities to provide the state with the money it demands from each school by means other than the furlough.

In light of the long salary freeze that we have all borne and your steadfast efforts during difficult times, it is very important to avoid inflicting a day’s unpaid leave on everyone. Thus, we have found a non-furlough way for the university to pay the state the money it requires. There will be no furlough at William & Mary this fiscal year.

I realize that saving a day’s pay for everyone is a small step on the road toward meaningful raises, but it does keep us from moving backwards, as would have happened with a furlough. Avoidance of a furlough also comes with my great gratitude to each of you for your wonderful work for William & Mary.


Taylor Reveley