William & Mary

College to test emergency notification system Sept. 3

The College of William and Mary will test its emergency alert system Wednesday, Sept. 3. The drill, which will be conducted at 12:15 p.m., will include a test of the campuswide siren system and the mass notification messaging system.

The 120-decibel siren system is stationed above both the Integrated Science Center and the William and Mary Law School. The test will begin with three 10-second blasts that will be separated by five-second intervals. That will be followed with a three-minute sounding of the alarm, which is expected to be heard on the campus and in the neighboring community.

The sirens will be coupled with a test of the College's mass notification messaging system, which was implemented last year and enables rapid communication to the campus community through messages to cell phones, land phones, e-mail and text message.

In the event of a real emergency, people in the community who hear the siren may also check for information and instructions at www.wm.edu