William & Mary

Zable Stadium fee

President Taylor Reveley sent the following message to the William & Mary student body on Sept. 9, 2016 - Ed.

Dear Students,

Zable Stadium has undergone a major renovation, one long overdue for a facility built in 1935.  The costs of the project are to be wholly paid by gifts from generous donors.  To date, more than $24.4 million in gifts for the project have been received.

These donations have covered nearly 90% of the cost with the remainder temporarily financed through bonds.  Fundraising to cover the remaining cost of the renovation continues and will succeed.  Student fees are sometimes used for debt service on campus facilities, including non-academic buildings, but this will not be the case for Zable Stadium.

For the fall semester, each student was charged an $18 fee for the renovation.  This fee has been eliminated going forward, and all students will receive an $18 credit to their account for the spring semester.

Taylor Reveley