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About the Program

The computational & applied mathematics & statistics (CAMS) program offers an interdisciplinary education that harnesses the expertise of faculty members across a spectrum of fields including biology, economics, computer science, neuroscience, mathematics, statistics and operations research. This program has a strong emphasis on practical applications, spanning a diverse array of domains. In this program, you will hone quantitative and computational skills, encompassing statistical and mathematical modeling, data analysis, machine learning, programming, data science and broad scientific reasoning.

Within CAMS, you have the opportunity to tailor your focus by choosing from two tracks: applied statistics, combining a solid foundation in mathematics, statistics and computer science with substantial hands-on knowledge in a particular application field; or mathematical biology, training you in mathematical modeling, analysis and research in the biological sciences and choosing courses balanced between the mathematics, biology and applied science departments.

What Makes Us Different

  • Focus on Mentoring

    CAMS emphasizes the value of interdisciplinary education, fostering collaboration among peers and providing guidance from mentors in various disciplines.

  • Preparing for the Future

    CAMS graduates possess a robust skill set that positions them for success across a broad spectrum of quantitative and computational careers.

  • Student Organizations

    Join the CAMS Club, the BioMath Journal Club or apply to join the iGEM team.

Applied Learning



CAMS graduates are well-prepared for a diverse array of quantitative and computational careers. They possess a sought-after skill set that opens doors to many exciting career opportunities widely across government, business, graduate programs and the sciences. CAMS also has a successful track record for students interested in medical school through its mathematical biology track.

W&M iGEM team ranks in top 10 of undergraduate teams worldwide

"CAMS allows me to study all of my interests. I knew I loved biology, but my freshman year at the college piqued my interest in other STEM fields. My experience competing in the iGEM competition, an international synthetic biology competition for student researchers, showed me the role of mathematical modeling and computer science in biology research."

- Julia Urban (mathematical biology '21)

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Computational & Applied Mathematics & Statistics Program

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Courses Disclaimer

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