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2013-14 News Archive

What Can Jeopardy Tell Us About Uptalk?

Sometimes people’s statements end like questions? It’s a habit called uptalk? You might find it annoying? If so, you’re not alone. Thomas Linneman, a sociologist at William & Mary, was so irritated by uptalk in his college classroom that he decided to study it. “More than we’d like to admit,” he says, “social science research projects are born out of pet peeves.” From his research, Linneman discovered uptalk is more than an irksome habit: It might serve to reinforce existing gender norms. Click the play button to read the remainder of this article and for 24 hours of uninterrupted access to Smithsonian magazine.

Overturning the Myth of Valley Girl Speak

Are you still making fun of young women for talking like Valley Girls? Do you assume that because their statements end in a hesitant, rising quaver (“My name is Brittany?”) they are shallow, scattered or uncertain? Even that they sound — how to say this politely? is there any way? — intellectually your inferior? Seriously?

Boliva Marks 10 Year Anniversay Historic Gas War Rebellion

On Saturday, October 12, dozens of people gathered at a simple church in El Alto, Bolivia. Families arranged flowers around the altar as the priest read the names of more than 60 people who were killed 10 years ago in Bolivia's gas war, an uprising by indigenous Bolivians that set in motion the most dramatic political and social changes in the country since it returned to democracy 31 years ago. Read more at

The Road to Santiago: Students, Faculty Travel the Camino

Kathleen Jenkins worked on researching the relationship between adult children and parents who travel the Camino together. Along the way, she said the Camino allowed for deep discussions among pilgrims.

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Kaup's book explores 'market justice' in Bolivia

Brent Kaup recently published a book, "Market Justice: Political Economic Struggle in Bolivia," about the country's shift from neoliberal to counter-neoliberal policies and the groups that have influenced those changes.

TEDx event highlights W&M 'ideas worth spreading'

On Saturday, William & Mary students had the opportunity to listen to other members of their "historically innovative" university talk about ideas that are shaping the future.

School Garden Programs and Food Security

Max Lander, a senior sociology major and Environmental Science and Policy minor at William & Mary when he participated in the 2012-2013 Sharp seminar, is an avid traveler with a particular interest in Africa, where he has spent time researching and volunteering in Benin and South Africa.