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Could you be a Sharpe Scholar?

Sharpe Scholars and Program Fellows with Sharpe promotional materials at Day for Admitted Students

Apply Now!

Are you looking to live with a group of students who share your passions and interests in community engagement?  Do you want to get a head start on conducting research? Are you interested in learning more about the Williamsburg community inside and outside the walls of William & Mary? 

If so, then consider applying to be a Sharpe Community Scholar! 

Sharpe Scholars live in a residence hall together to foster interaction among peers who share a common interest in social justice and more often, in exploring the complexities of community engagement in action and research.   Sharpe Scholars are selected to join a tight-knit, living-learning community that offers peer mentoring support, faculty advising, community-based engagement opportunities, and research development to learn and grow in your first year at William & Mary. 

Applications for the 2024-2025 Sharpe cohort are now open! Click here for more information about how to apply.

Current Sharpe Scholars meet with alumni in the Collaboratory during homecoming

Sharpe Scholars Program Information
Benefits to Being a Sharpe Scholar
  • Priority registration: Sharpe Scholars are included among scholars programs that register earlier for their Fall classes than the general population in order to ensure that they can find courses that truly interest them in addition to the Sharpe curriculum.
  • Research funding: Sharpe Scholars are eligible to apply for an exclusive $4,000 award to participate in an Action Research Internship over the summer. 
  • Student mentorship: All Sharpe Scholars are matched with a Sharpe Fellow, an older student who has gone through the program. Sharpe Fellows provide direct mentorship and guidance through the program. Sharpe Fellows are also known to host the occasional Halloween party, pizza picnic, or campus hike!
  • Faculty and Staff advising: Sharpe faculty and staff are eager and excited to talk with students who have questions about research projects, community engagement opportunities, and so much more!
Your Year in Sharpe at a Glance
  • Living-Learning Community: Sharpe Scholars live together in Spotswood Hall, where they're able to collaborate, support, debate, and learn from one another in a safe and comfortable environment. The Collaboratory is a social and academic lounge in Spotswood that is exclusive to Sharpe Scholars.
  • INTR190:  Every other week, Sharpe Scholars come together as a group for the Sharpe Living-Learning course.  In this course, you will learn ethical and scholarly foundations of conducting community-based research and get hands-on experience with collaborative research project designs.
  • Workshops: Sharpe Scholars attend curated community workshops throughout the school year. These workshops provide a wide variety of experiences including deep looks into Williamsburg history and community, direct access to various professors and their research, participation in community art projects, research methodology demonstrations, local volunteering, and much, much more. These workshops grow and change based on student input!
  • Sharpe COLL Courses: During their Fall semester, Sharpe Scholars choose from a selection of exclusive courses that satisfy the COLL100/150 requirements and introduce students to community-centered learning and research. Courses range from Kinesiology and Environmental Science to Sociology and American Studies. For a full list of courses, see here.
  • Action Research Pathways: During their Spring Semester, Sharpe Scholars have the option to participate in Action Research Pathways. These research apprenticeships allow Scholars to learn about community-based research hands-on, making invaluable academic and professional connections along the way. For a list of Spring 2024 Action Research Pathways, see here.
Our Goals

By the end of their first year, it is our goal that all Sharpe Scholars will have gained:

  • A deeper knowledge of the Williamsburg community and the challenges it faces
  • A stronger understanding of community-based research and the diverse forms it takes
  • A head-start on conducting research of any kind, community-based or otherwise
  • An expanded sense of their place in the William & Mary community and beyond
  • Numerous invaluable academic and professional connections with professors, community members, and local organizations
  • Countless lifelong friendships and partnerships with fellow Sharpe Scholars