Student Narrative

"I interned this past summer with Deloitte & Touche (an accounting and consulting firm) in the McLean , VA office. Although I was hired into Deloitte's Data Quality& Integrity division and intended to do SAS programming and data analysis, I was actually able to work on a federal consulting project for the Department of Labor (DOL) for most of the summer. Our project for DOL involved assisting the agency with their compliance with the Improper Payments and Information Act (IPIA), a federal mandate for all agencies. I worked onsite at DOL with a small team of Deloitte consultants doing a variety of tasks: drafting deliverable documents for our client, researching DOL programs to determine which required compliance with IPIA, developing a database of audit findings, and drafting an instructional document to explain a SAS program our team wrote for the client. My internship gave me the opportunity to see the processes of the federal government, but I was able to work for (and be paid by!) a large private company."