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Course of Study

In addition core courses, which are required, students in the first year of the MPP program are required to take an additional 3 credits of an Applied Methods course (or combination of courses adding to 3 credits), and students in the second year are required to take at least one 3-credit or two 2-credit, program-approved, Applied Law course(s) from the William & Mary School of Law. Additional elective courses must be taken to complete the 46 hour credit requirement for the overall degree. Electives can come from among Public Policy’s offerings or, with program approval, from other graduate schools at William & Mary including the graduate schools of Business, Education, and Marine Science. Students choose electives based their interests or develop an alternative set of courses with the consent of the Director.

Core Requirements
First Year Fall:
First Year Spring:
Internship Requirement

Students are required to complete an internship (at least 10 weeks of full-time employment) in the summer after their first year of the program. Program staff, faculty, and mentors assist students in their internship search. Students may pursue internships across local, state, national, or international contexts in policy areas that interest them.

Second Year Fall
Second Year Spring
  • PUBP 609 - 01: Applied Ethics/Equality and Social Justice (3 credits)
  • PUBP 611 - 01: Evidence in the Policy Process (3 credits)
  • Elective (3 credits)
  • Elective (3 credits)
Elective Courses

Here is a sampling of Public Policy Elective course offerings - note that this is not an exhaustive list and electives may change based on faculty research and current events. 

  • PUBP 608. Budget Policy Making
  • PUBP 614. Topics in Public Policy. The topics will vary. See the course schedule for the upcoming topics.
  • PUBP 615. Cross Section Econometrics
  • PUBP 616. Time Series Econometrics
  • PUBP 620. Regulation of Markets
  • PUBP 621. Administrative Law (cross listed with LAW453).
  • PUBP 622. Environmental Policy
  • PUBP 623. Health Care Policy
  • PUBP 624. Law and Medicine Seminar.
  • PUBP 626. Law and Resource Management. (cross listed with MS543).
  • PUBP 627. Law, Policy and Environment. (cross listed with LAW439).
  • PUBP 628. Environmental Law. (cross listed with LAW424).
  • PUBP 630. The Economics of Policy-Making at the State and Local Level
  • PUBP 631. State and Local Politics and Policy-Making
  • PUBP 632. Local Government Law (cross listed with LAW429).
  • PUBP 633. Land Use Control (cross listed with LAW425).
  • PUBP 635. Fundamentals of Environmental Science for Policy
  • PUBP 640. Labor Market Policy
  • PUBP 642. Legal Foundations of American Social Programs (cross listed with LAW430).
  • PUBP 643. Employment Discrimination (cross listed with LAW452).
  • PUBP 644. The Financing of Higher Education (cross listed with EPPL676).
  • PUBP 645. Higher Education and Public Policy (cross listed with EPPL713).
  • PUBP 646. Employment Law (cross listed with LAW456).
  • PUBP 650. International Trade: Theory and Policy
  • PUBP 651. International Development and Policy
  • PUBP 652. Public International Law (cross listed with LAW409)
Elective Courses (Not Cross Listed)
  • BUAD6381 - International Financial Management
  • BUAD6561 - Human Resource Management
  • BUAD6311 - Forecasting
  • BUAD6831 - Non-Profit Organizations
  • EPPL601 - Educational Policy: Development and Analysis
  • EPPL625 - Current Issues in Higher Education
  • EPPL628 - History of Higher Education
  • LAW339 - Natural Resource Law
  • LAW398 - Election Law
  • LAW411 - Antitrust
  • LAW454 - Economic Analysis of Law
  • LAW458 - Health Law and Policy
  • LAW481 - Bioethics/Medical Ethics and Law
  • LAW485 - Immigration & Citizenship
  • LAW496 - International Business Transactions
  • LAW497 - International Trade Law
  • LAW546 - Government Contracts
  • LAW552 - State and Local Government Finance
  • LAW562 - Legislative Advocacy Seminar
  • MATH523 - Operations Research: Deterministic Models
  • MATH524 - Operations Research: Stochastic Models
Please see the Dynamic Schedule for up-to-date course schedules.