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Caroline Kelsey awarded "Outstanding Presentation" at 2014 National APA Convention

The Psychology Department would like to congratulate Caroline Kelsey for winning the APA Division 7, Young Researchers in Developmental Psychology "Outstanding Presentation" Award at this year’s National American Psychological Association Convention!

Division 7 Program Committee Chair, Leslie Carver, of the University of California San Diego, said that Kelsey presented a large amount of data very well. 

Kelsey’s presentation, “Bullying and Victimization: A Comparison of Emotion Regulation Strategies and Internalizing Issues,” highlights the importance of conducting new studies on bullying in young children, rather than adolescents. 

Research reports that up to 30% of youth report involvement in bullying with some of the highest rates during elementary school years (Nansel et al., 2001).

Currently, there is not much research underlining the development of bullying and victimization in younger children, a time during which many skills, including emotion regulation and coping strategies, are developed.

Kelsey concludes that “future research should use longitudinal techniques to evaluate emotion dysregulation, prosocial behaviors, and internalizing symptoms of those involved in bullying.