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2014 William & Mary Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium  Cassandra Leong (2016); Diana Otoya (2015); Aaron Ng (2015)  
  • 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium  Addie Merians (class of 2015) presents her research on gendered race stereotypes that she conducted with Dr. Joanna Schug.  
  • 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium  Minu Nagashunmugam discusses the findings of her project on embodied cognition and the confrontation of prejudice  
  • 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium  John Kittle (2016); Everett Altherr (2014); Petar Yanev (2014)  
  • 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium  Jon MacLeod (2014); Cassidy Reich (2014)  
  • 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium  Bailey Jordan (class of 2017) presents her results on short-term memory abiliti  
  • 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium  Sarah Borowski (MA 2014), Docia Demmin (MA 2015) Caitlin Cavanaugh (BA 2014) Ari Romano-Verthelyi (BA 2014)  
  • 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium  Matt Ernesto (class of 2014) and Natalie Libster (class of 2015) discuss the findings of the W&M Healthy Beginnings Project.  
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On Friday, February 28th, William and Mary Psychology undergraduates presented their research from the past year at the 20th Annual Undergraduate Science Research Symposium held in the Sadler Center.  Students displayed their research and discussed their findings with other William & Mary students as well as many faculty members.  

The following students presented posters at the 20th Annual Undergraduate Science Research Symposium:

Addie Merians: Gendered Race Prototypes: The Relation between Nonprototypicality and Intersectional Invisibility
Advisor: Cheryl Dickter

Anna Hochgraf: The Skinny on Regulating Media Images to Prevent Eating Disorders
Advisor: Megan Sinton

Ari Romano-Verthelyi: Co-Rumination and Emotional Support within Friendships Differentially Predict Loneliness for Boys and Girls
Advisor: Janice Zeman

Constance Hull, Matt Ernesto, Lauren Marshall, Veronica Junghahn, Emily O'Gorman, Katarina O'Reilly, and Natalie Libster: Pregnancy in the Context of Incarceration
Advisors: Danielle Dallaire and Catherine Forestell

Lauren Quast and Kathryn Rehberg: Expression of Emotion within Friendships: The Role of Coping
Advisor: Janice Zeman

Michelle Camp and Naomi Parr: Middle School Bullying: Intra- and Interpersonal Differences between Bully and Victim Subtypes
Advisor: Janice Zeman

Minu Nagashunmugam: Embodied Cognition and Confrontation
Advisor: Chris Ball

Petar Yanev, Everett Altherr, Christine Teal Kozikowski, and John Kittle: Interactions between Basal Forebrain Noncholinergic Neurons and Cholinergic System Blockade on Attention
Advisor: Josh Burk

Sarah Summers, Hannah Boes, and Natalee Price: Mother Emotion Dysregulation Predicts Child Friendship Quality through Child Adaptive Emotion Coping
Advisor: Janice Zeman