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Truman Scholarship Information Session

Truman Scholarship Information Session

September 26th, 4PM

Blow Mem. Hall, room 331

The Truman Scholarship provides up to $30,000 in funding to students pursuing graduate degrees in public service fields. Students must be college juniors at the time of selection.

  • November 1: Pre-Application Deadline
  • November 20: Campus Application Deadline
  • Early December: Campus Interviews Take Place

Please rsvp here if interested:

Email any questions to

Southern Teachers Agency at the W&M Career Fair

Attached is a flyer for our upcoming Interview Day at the W&M Career Fair on Friday, September 21, 2018. We would greatly appreciate it being distributed on-campus and on social media.

Also, students can see all of the employers who will be participating in the Fair by logging into TribeCareers and if you are curious, you can see the employer list here!

Austin White | Director of College Recruitment

434-295-9122 |

Volunteers Around the World

Love Traveling? Love Volunteering?

Join Volunteers Around the World in Williamsburg! This is an incredible opportunity to work alongside physicians to provide basic medical care to underserved communities abroad. Volunteers will take vitals, shadow doctors, distribute medications, learn about basic pharmacology, and prepare a public health lesson to teach to children. You will also have opportunities during free days to explore the country and fully immerse yourself in the culture. This is a 2-week intensive trip valuable to those who want to get some hands on volunteering experience while also having fun exploring a new country.

We are currently accepting applicants of all majors for our Summer trip and we also have leadership positions available! Email us at or  for an application.

Check out our national website

We look forward to meeting you!


VAW Williamsburg

Making a Difference in a Mental Health Career -

Our organization: is a comprehensive career resource with a mission to help students and aspiring professionals understand what it takes to land their perfect career.  Please visit our web page for more information on Making a Difference in a Mental Health Career

Innovation and Design Thinking Club Promotion

Design thinking is more than an exercise in creativity and product design. It can transform how you look at your future and your career! You can learn more about the club here:

Community for Accredited Online Schools Career Resources site

Online guidebooks created to help college students learn the insights on things like preparing for job interviews, creating professional social profiles, how to locate volunteer opportunities that lead to employment, and how to find the best internships in your area.

Career Paths in Psychology

Psychology Scholarships

Careers in Psychology Guide

Psychology Internship Information and Search Platforms


Internships provide many benefits to students such as college credits, extra spending money, and  most importantly valuable work experience. The challenge for students, however, is knowing where to find available internships in their area. To help students navigate the process, has published a Student Internship Guide.

You can find it here:​​ Resources for Psychology Students

Psychology career information and resources website

For complete information, visit the homepage at:

Information about scholarships for Psychology students can be found at:

Also, check out some of the Masters degree programs available at:

Learn Psychology Resources for Psychology Students

I know this is a busy time of year with school starting, but I hope you can take the time to review a few updated guides my team and I at Learn Psychology just released. The guides should be very helpful for your Psychology students.

The guides provide financial aid information for Psychology students, resources for them to use while in school and career options for them once they graduate. All of these guides can be checked out below:

- Financial Aid for Psychology Students-
- University Resources for Psychology Students-
- Career Guide for Psychology Students-

I hope you take the time to review this guide and consider including them to your site. They should be strong additions to your site and very helpful for your online community. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Kyle Smith
Director of Communications
Learn Psychology

About us: Learn Psychology provides in-depth information and resources for those interested in pursuing a degree in psychology and other mental health professions.