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  1. William Ames (Honors), Advisor: Professor Novikova,"Optical Filtering with Phase Singularities"
  2. Jeffrey Brown, Advisor: Professor Erlich, "Running of the Coupling in the AdS/QCD Correspondence "
  3. Jennifer Dorand, Advisor: Professor Tracy, "Avalanche Dynamics in a Universal Amplitude Distribution for MALDI Peaks"
  4. Douglas Dean (Honors), Advisor: Professor Armstrong, "Construction, Analyzing of Drift Chambers for Qweak"
  5. Andrew Favaloro, Advisor: Professor Orginos, "Using the Ising Model to Describe Resonance Scattering"
  6. Joseph Goldfrank (Honors), Advisor: Professor Novikova, Honors, "Collisional Transfer of Atomic Coherence"
  7. Trevor Harrison, Advisor: Professor Aubin, "Mode Locked Diode Laser for Precision Optical Frequency Measurements"
  8. Jana Hartman, Advisor: Professor Smith, "Calcium Sparks and Calcium Homeostasis in a Hybrid Whole Cell Model"
  9. Aaron Krajeski, Advisor: Professor Nelson, "Production and Radiation-Source Testing of Scintillor Modules for the MINERvA Neutrino Detector"
  10. Allison Leich, Advisor: Professor Griffioen, "Elastic and Inelastic Photoproduction and Electroproduction of the J/ψ Particle"
  11. Andrew Leister (Honors), Advisor: Professor Nelson, "Construction and Calibration of MTest Detector"
  12. Sara Mohon (Honors), Advisor: Professor Averett, "3He Density Measurements Using Atomic Pressure Broadening"
  13. Luke Paradis, Advisor : Professor Averett, "Hybrid Alkali Production for Polarized 3He Target Cells"
  14. Robert Polackwich, Advisor: Professor Erlich, "Using TypeIa Supernovae and CMB Observations to Constrain Cosmological Parameters"
  15. Andrew Schmadel, Advisor: Professor Kelley, "Power Spectral Analysis of Niobium Surfaces"
  16. Scott Watson, Advisor: Professor Hinders, "Robotic Multi-Senor Fusion"
  17. Justin Winkler (Honors), Advisor: Professor Aubin, "Agile Radio Frequency Source for Hyperfine Manipulation of Ultracold Atoms"