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  1. Matthew A. Aviles,Advisor: Dr. Cooke, "Electrically Induced Motion in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids"  
  2. Michael Bagge-Hansen,Advisor:Dr. Outlaw, "Enhancement of Carbon Nanosheets Field Emission by Mo2C Thin Film Coating"
  3. Keith C. Bechtol(Honors), Don E. Harrison Jr. Award,Advisor: Dr. Erlich, "Constraining Particle Physics Models with Supernovae Observations"  
  4. Paul J. Black (Honors), Advisor: Dr. Averett, "Characterization of Hybrid 3He Cells Using NMR" 
  5. Justin Deighan(Honors), Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Development of an Ultrafast, Time-Resolved Schlieren Imaging System"
  6. Danielle A. Dumond, Advisor: Dr. Hinders, "Mobile Robots and Sensor Fusion"
  7. Ryan Ford(Honors), Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Genetic Techniques for Spatial Modulation of a Laser Beam"
  8. Christopher E. Hendricks,Advisor: Dr. Kossler, "A Comparison between Radiation Damage Calculated with NASA-LaRC's HZETRN and with GEANT4"
  9. Kendra L. Letchworth(Honors), Thomas Jefferson Prize,Advisor: Dr. Benner, "Optimization of the Speed-Dependent Line-Shape Calculation"
  10. Andrew McGowan,Advisor: Dr. Erlich, "Warp Duality in Braneworlds"
  11. Alison M. Pouch (Honors), Alumni Award,Advisor: Dr. Hinders, "Ultrasonic Classification of Emboli"
  12. Thomas H. Ruscher, Advisor:Dr. Chaloupka, "Development of a High-Speed Photography System"
  13. Kelly E. Sassin (Honors), Advisor: Dr. Nelson, "Assembly Processes for Scintillator Planes in the MINERvA Neutrino Detector"
  14. Abigail C. Shockley,Advisor: Dr. Kossler, "Vortex Pinning in High-Tc  Superconductors"
  15. Jessica A. Vance,Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Lab Revising 101: Revise, Rework, Revamp"
  16. Patrick M. Vora(Honors), Advisor: Dr. Sher, "A Fourth Generation of Fermions in the Context of the Two Higgs Doublet Model Type III"
  17. Brian P. Walsh,Advisor: Dr. Armstrong, "Development of a Flatness Scanner and Simulation for Qweak Wire Chambers"
  18. Nicholas I. Walsh(Honors), Advisor: Dr. Griffioen, "Measuring Transversity from Pion Pairs using a Longitudinally Polarized Target"
  19. Brian A. Wolthuis,Advisor: Dr. Nelson, "Development of Scintillator Counters for the MINERvA Neutrino Detector"
  20. Melissa J. Zoller, Advisor: Dr. Chaloupka, "Lab Revising 101: Revise, Rework, Revamp"