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  1. Brett Appleton, Advisor: Armstrong, "Testing a Laser Setup to Measure Surface Flatness"
  2. Jonathan Boyle, Advisor: Reilly, "Rotational Study of the Thermal Dependence of the Exchange Bias Property of Magnetic Thin Films by the Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect (MOKE)"
  3. Christopher Brittin, Advisor: Cooke, "RTILs as a Matrixs in ME-SIMS"
  4. Daniel Burke, Advisor: Chaloupka, "Generation and characterization of white-light continuum in a microstructure fiber"
  5. Daniel Damiani, Advisor: Nelson, "Momentum Analysis of Cosmogenic Muons in the Minos Detectors"
  6. Brad DeBlois, Advisor: Perdrisat, "Monte Carlo Simulation for a New Proton Polarimeter"
  7. Peter de Castro, Advisor: Chaloupka, "Spatially Resolved Spectrometry of Laser-Ionized Matter"
  8. Nathaniel Elberfeld, Advisor: Kossler, "Positron Lifetime Apparatus and Measurements in Materials"
  9. Josh Evans, Advisor: Griffioen, "Streamlining the Calculation of an Ionization Electron’s Path in a GEM Detector"
  10. Graham Giovanetti, Advisor: Griffioen, "Development of Front End Electronics for the Qweak Drift Chambers"
  11. Daniel Goethel, Advisor: Tracy, "The Effect of Demographic Stochasticity on Density Dependent-Age Structure Populations"
  12. Amelia Greer, Advisor: Williams, "High Power Terahertz Light: Commissioning and Chacterization"
  13. Anne Guzzi, Advisor: Welsh, "A Visible Light Biological Imaging System for Small Laboratories"
  14. Lloyd Jones, Advisor: Carlson, “Search for Dark Matter in Globular Clusters”
  15. Craig Labbe, Advisor: Kossler, "Fringing Fields from Frozen-in Vortices of a Superconductor"
  16. Evan Molinelli, Advisor: Smith, "A spatial Monte Carlo model of IP3 - dependent calcium oscillations"
  17. Emily Nugent, Advisor: Cooke, "Optoporation: Laser-Assisted Permeation of Vertebrate Cell Membranes"
  18. Chris O’Neill, Advisor: Kossler, "Computer Simulations of Radiation Shielding Materials for Use in the Space Radiation Environment"
  19. David Rose, Advisor: Carone, "Minimal Length Uncertainty and the Quantum Mechanics of Non-Commutative Space-Time "
  20. Meghan Snyder, Advisor: Nelson, "Design of the Scintillator Counters for the MINERvA Neutrino Detector"
  21. Brian Spencer, Advisor: Cooke, "An Investigation into the Analysis of TOF-SIMS Data"
  22. David Wolcott, Advisor: Chaloupka, “Virtual Astronomy Observation and Development of a Telescope/Computer Interface”