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  1. Loreto Peter Alonzi, Advisor: Kossler,"Photo-Pair-Production Induced Displacements of Atoms"
  2. Laurel Averett, Advisor: Cooke, "Investigating2, 5 Dihydroxybenzoic Acid as an Effective Matrix for ME-SIMS"
  3. Rebekah Blount, Advisor: Hoatson/Vold, "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Hydrated Carbon Based Materials"
  4. Erin Buckley, Advisor: Averett, "Measuring the Polarization of a 3He Target Cell Using electron paramagnetic Resonance"
  5. Jeremy Chen, Advisor: von Baeyer, "Trajectories for a relativistic particle in a Kepler potential, Coulomb Potential, or scalar field"
  6. Raymond Dickes, Advisor: Kossler, "Muon Spin Rotation in Anisotropic Superconductors in an External Magnetic Field"
  7. Gregory Dicomo, Advisor: Benner, "Pressure-Dependent Line Parameters of CO2 by Multispectrum Least-Squares Fitting"
  8. John Duchateau, Advisor: Hinders, "Using Ultrasound in Concealed Weapons Detection"
  9. William Hammond, Advisor: Welsh, "In Vivo Imaging of Small Animals using Radioisotopes and Position-Sensitive Photomultipliers"
  10. Michael Herbst, Advisor: Averett, "Frequency Sweep NMR Calibration Using Polarized Water Cells"
  11. Adam Holman, Advisor: Chaloupka, "Strong-field Laser Modeling"
  12. Jeremy McLean, Advisor: Sher, "Measuring the Possible Fgractional Dimensionality of the Universe"
  13. Vien Nguyen, Advisor: Smith, "The Dynamics of Ca2+puffs: a study of instantaneously-coupled intracellular Ca2+ channels"
  14. Anela Rayfield, Advisor: Armstrong, "Cryostate Exit Detectors for G0"
  15. Dillon Roach, Advisor: Cooke, "The Use of CMOS Integrated Circuits for Spot Counting in LDI-TOF Techniques for Disease Biomarker Recognition"
  16. John Sakon, Advisor: Cooke, "Permeating Vertebrate Cell Membranes through the use of Optoporation"
  17. Lena Sherbakov, Advisor: Carlson, "Study of Globular Clusters"
  18. Kelly Sullivan, Advisor: Sher, "Exploring Gravity in Extra Dimensions"
  19. William Tarantino, Advisor: Reilly, "Double Slit Interference, One Photon at a Time: the Wave-Particle Duality"
  20. Dimitar Vlassarev, Advisor: Reilly, "Effects of Large Scale Interfacial Roughness on Giant Magnetoresistance in Exchange Biased Spin Valves and Co/Cu Multilayers"