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  1. Julie Cella, Advisor: Welsh, "Gamma Ray Imaging of Small Animals Using Position-Sensitive Photomultiplier Tubes"
  2. Lindsay Chipman, Advisor: Tracy, "Nonlinearities in Hand and Foot Coordination"
  3. Peter Dolph, Advisor: Carone, "Quantum Mechanics of a Non-Commutative Space"
  4. Andrew Donnelly, Advisor: Vold, "CCD Photometry"
  5. Erin Epperson, Advisor: Armstrong, "Software and Simulation for Qweak"
  6. Jason Faulkenberry, Advisor: Luepke, "Optical Studies of the Conduction Band Offset at the CdCr2Se4/AlxGa(1-x)As Interface"
  7. Paul Hansen, Advisor: Delos, "Chaotic Escape of Photons from a Fish-Shaped Reflecting Cavity"  
  8. Ellen K. Keister, Advisor: Luepke, "Vibrational Lifetimes and Isotope Effect of Oxygen in Silicon and Germanium"
  9. Lauren Larkin, Advisor: Averett, "Investigation of Noble Gas Polarization using Optically Pumped Rb and K"
  10. Kristen Loncich, Advisor: Averett, "Bat Echolocation: Triangulation using Ultrasonic Microphones"
  11. John Mallory, Advisor: Reilly, "Factors Which Determine Interest of Fear in Physics"
  12. Robert McFadyen, Advisor: Averett, "The Development of Varying Frequency NMR for the Polarization of Helium 3"
  13. Jack Simonson, Advisor: Manos, "Field Emission Enhancements in Carbon-Implanted Group 5B Metals"
  14. Aimee Slaughter, Advisor: Armstrong, "Data Analysis for the G0 Experiment: Characterization of the Beam Halo"
  15. Ian Terrell, Advisor: Zhang, "Diffusion Quantum Montel Carlo: a Java Based Simulation and Visualization"
  16. Frank Wells, Advisor: Cooke, "Imaging Gene Expression: Detecting Gene Activation using Laser-Induced Fluorescence"
  17. Kyle Wisian, Advisor: Chaloupka, "Imaging and Measurement of Thermal Lensing in Glass and Sapphire Crystal"
  18. Andrew York, Advisor: Chaloupka, "Development of Precise Dispersion Control in an Ultrafast Laser Pulse Stretcher and Compressor"
  19. James Younkin, Advisor: Sher, "Astrophysical and Terrestrial Constraints on Yukawa Potentials"