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  1. Edith Bowers, Advisor: von Baeyer (S), "Constructing a Comprehensive Bibliography of Physics Popularizations"
  2. Paul Brewer, Advisor: Smith (?), "Effects of Input Frequency and Reticular Inhibition on a Firing-Rate Model of Retinogeniculate Transmission"
  3. Andrew Busch, Advisor: Reilly (?), "Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect Studies of Half-Metallic Cr-O2"
  4. Shawn England, Advisor: ?, "Construction of a Wavelength Tunable Ti-Sapphire Laser for GaAs Photocathode Evaluation"
  5. Kirsten Fuoti, Advisor: Averett (?), "Investigation and Characterization of Sol-Gel Coated Target Cells to Improve 3He Polarization"
  6. Scott Hertel, Advisor: von Baeyer (?), "The Gibbs Paradox and the Anti-Haecceitistic Nature of Entropy"
  7. Marc Hibbard, Advisor: Hoatson (?), "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Scandium in Perovskite Relaxor Ferroelectrics"
  8. J. Hippert, Advisor: Finn (?), "Luminosity Monitors and their Applications for Detecting Target Boiling and Beam Fluctuations for Use in Parity Violation Experiments at Jefferson Lab"
  9. Jason Hoffman, Advisor: Manos (?), "Temperature and Species Density Measurements using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy"
  10. An Hucke, Advisor: Kane (?), "Modeling of Scintillation Dynamics"
  11. Yuki Ishibashi, Advisor: Griffioen (S), "A Study of Concert Acoustics: Understanding Phi Beta Kappa Hall"
  12. Brian Koch, Advisor: Cooke (?), "Pressure Evolution of Laser-Induced Cavitations and Shock Waves"
  13. Marc McGuigan, Advisor: Averett (?), "Calibration of an NMR System for Measuring 3He Polarization"
  14. Matt Schu, Advisor: Reilly (?), "External Cavity Diode Lasers: Controlling Laser Output via Optical Feedback"
  15. Kevin Smith, Advisor: Welsh (?), "Visible Light Imaging of Small Animals"
  16. Mary Swajkoski, Advisor: ? (?), "Using the Solar Eclipse to Gain Insight into the Solar Neutrino Problem"
  17. Jessi Uscinski, Advisor: Hoatson (?), "Adsorbate Effects on Field Emission"
  18. Timo Leftwich, Advisor: ? (?), "Adapting a CMOS Camera for High Speed Spatial Measurements"