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  1. Cihan Akcay, Advisor: Walecka (HHH), "Collective Modes in Nuclear Matter"
  2. Sarp Akcay, Advisor: Walecka (HHH), "Relativistic Mean Fields in the Early Universe"
  3. Stephanie Bailey, Advisor: Armstrong (H), "Performance Analysis of the G0 Scintillation Detectors
  4. Daniel Bowring, Advisor: Griffioen (H), "The Design and Characterization of Scintillator Hodoscopes for SLAC Experiment E160"
  5. James Buckingham, Advisor: Manos and Luther Jenkins (NASA) (S), "Making a Better Wind Tunnel: Updating and Streamlining Wall Correction Methods"
  6. Andrew Davis, Advisor: Tracy (H), "Small Sample Effect on Information-Theoretic Estimates"
  7. Rachele Dominguez, Advisor: Von Baeyer (HH), "Using Information to Reformulate Quantum Mechanics"
  8. Sam Dunn, Advisor: Welsh (S), "Movement Detection in Small Animal Gamma-Ray Imaging"
  9. Andrew Fraser, Advisor: Luepke (S), "Vibrational Lifetime of Interstitial Oxygen in Crystalline Silicon"
  10.  Hermonta Godwin, Advisor: Cooke (S), "Detecting Gene Expression In-Vivo Using Differential Laser Absorption"
  11. Tamara Hayford, Advisor: Averett (S), "Polarizing 3He Gas"
  12.  Jenna Klotz, Advisor: Cooke (S), "Seeing through Murky Matter using Laser-induced Fluorescence"
  13.  Andrew Lane, Advisor: Griffioen (S), "Muon Detection and Position Determination"
  14.  Matthew Larsen, Advisor: Petzinger (S), "An Exact Solution to a Correlated Two-Electron System with Positive Coulomb Interaction"
  15.  Christopher Mayes, Advisor: Cooke (HHH), "Effects of Laser Focusing in an Ion Trap Quantum Computer"
  16.  Patrick Meade, Advisor: Carone (HH), "Neutrino Oscillations through Extra Dimensions and Symmetries"
  17.  Daniel Milkie, Advisor: Averett (HH), "Polarization and Polarimetry of 3He"
  18.  Justin Miller, Advisor: Champion (HH), "The Role of Adsorbates on Field Emission"
  19.  Haley Showman, Advisor: Reilly (HHH), "Study of Exchange Biasing Anisotropy in IrMn/Co Thin Films"
  20.  James Schafer, Advisor: Reilly (S) "Physics Education Through Demonstrations and Personal Interaction"