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  1. Bill Ashton, Advisor: Kossler (S), "Longitudinal Disorder of Superconducting Vortices"
  2. Ken Baranowski, Advisor: Cooke (HHH), "Even Parity Rydberg States of Atomic Bismuth"
  3. Kathy-Anne Brickman, Advisor: Cooke (HH), "Precision Measurement of the Auto-Ionizing States of Strontium in an Electric Field"
  4. Hugh Carney, Advisor: Reilly (S), "Characterization of an Ultrafast Optical Parametric Amplifier System"
  5. David Drosdoff, Advisor: Delos (S), "Semi-Classical Scattering Through an Obstruction in a Microwire"
  6. John Feldmann, Advisor: Welsh (S), "Small Animal Gamma-Ray Imaging"
  7. Evin Grano, Advisor: Manos (S), "Physics-Based Automatic Object Recognition Photogrammetry"
  8. Leah Johnson, Advisor: Carone/Sher (H), "How Parallel are Parallel Universes"
  9. Greg Jones, Advisor: Cooke (HH), "Building a High-Speed Data Acquisition System for Spectroscopy[y and Other Applications"
  10. Kevin Knott, Advisor: Welsh (S), "Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography"
  11. Eric Koskinen, Advisor: Armstrong (S), "Software Correction to Account fot Dead Blocks in a Lead Glass Calorimeter"
  12. Will McBride, Advisor: Holloway (HH), "Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Chemical Vapor Deposition"
  13. Jon Mellor, Advisor: Averett (HH), "Investigation of a Sol-Gel Coating Technique for Polarized 3He Target Cells"
  14. Luke Ng, Advisor: Welsh (S), "Experimental Results and Predictive Calculations for Pinhole Collimators Used in Small Animal Nuclear Imaging"
  15. Truong Pham, Advisor: Manos/Saha (S), "Effects of Different Pulsing Characteristics on Transformation Efficiency via Electroporation"
  16. Amoreena Ranck, Advisor: Welsh (HH), "Dual Modality Small Animal Imaging"
  17. Keely Schneiter, Advisor: Champion (S), "Initial Design and Testing of the Flat Plasma Spectrometer"
  18. Travis Turner, Advisor: Reilly (H), "Investigation of the Properties of Magnetic Films Deposited on Carbon Nitride"
  19. Theodore Vecchione, Advisor: Krakauer (S), "A Multipole Algorithm for Calculating Potential Fields"
  20. Josh Waterfall, Advisor: Manos (HHH), "Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Electroporation"
  21. Nicholas West, Advisor: Cooke (S), "Characterization of Optical Tweezers Potential using Scattering Techniques"