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  1. Mandy Brown, Advisor: Griffioen (S), "The Two Cultures Revisited: Debates Between the Disciplines"
  2. Lara Bryan, Advisor: Hoatson (S), "2-H NMR Studies of Deuterated Polycrystalline L-Cyclo(leucine-glycine)-d"
  3. Karen Burke, Advisor: von Baeyer (S), "A Lesson in the Physics of Hybrid Electric Vehicles"
  4. John Cleveland, Advisor: Kossler (S), "PIC Chip Lab"
  5. Adam Cohen, Advisor: Reilly (S), "Optical Analysis of the Ablation Process in Pulsed Laser Deposition"
  6. Heather Faltin, Advisor: Reilly (HH), "The Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Permalloy-Carbon Thin Film Multilayers"
  7. Chris Fetsch, Advisor: Kossler (S), "Longitudinal Disorder of Superconducting Pancake Vortex Arrays"
  8. Adam Gurson, Advisor: Armstrong (H), "An Algorithm to Resolve Dead Blocks in the Radiative-Phi Experiment Software"
  9. Matt Inman, Advisor: Averett (H), "Atomic Hydrogen Cleaning of Polarized Electron Source Gallium-Arsenide Photocathodes"
  10. Lisa Kaufman, Advisor: Armstrong (HH), "Recoil Proton Detection of Radiative Decays of the Phi Meson"
  11. Jennifer Knowles, Advisor: Averett (HH), "Investigation of Techniques for Producing High Polarization 3-He Gas Targets"
  12. Dave Leichtman, Advisor: Sher (HHH), "Vacuum Stability in the Extended Higgs Model"
  13. Randy Mulvaney, Advisor: Carlson (S), "Instability in High Mass Stars"
  14. Chris Neilson, Advisor: Kane (S), "Design and Testing of a Cosmic Ray Shielding Scintillator Array for the Proposed MECO Experiment"
  15. Pat Ryan, Advisor: Griffioen (HHH), "Measurement of the Electroweak Correction to A-perp in Polarized Electron-Nucleon Scattering"
  16. Rob Saunders, Advisor: Welsh (HH), "Development of a Gamma Camera Array for Biological Imaging in Small Animal Research"
  17. Aaron Suplizio, Advisor: Kossler (S), "Fourier Transforms of mu-SR Data and Their Use in the Determination of the Internal Magnetic Field Distributions of YBa2Cu3O7-delta"
  18. Ian Swanson, Advisor: Sher (HHH), "Investigation of the Properties of Magnetic Films Deposited on Carbon Nitride"
  19. Charles Tahan, Advisor: Zhang (HHH), "Growth Simulations of Single Crystal Perovskite Alloys"
  20. Brian Tighe, Advisor: Prof. Delos (HHH), "Ionization Times of Classical Hydrogen in Parallel Electric and Magnetic Fields"
  21. Michelle Venanzi, Advisor: Brubaker (VIMS) (S), "Model of Stratification in the Elizabeth River"
  22. Ruth van de Water, Advisor: Carone (HHH), "Detection of Weakly-Coupled Scalar Bosons at Thomos Jefferson National Accelerator Facility"
  23. Linton Wells, Advisor: Manos (HH), "Patterned Plasma Immersion Exposure of Insulation Materials for the Purpose of Modifying Optical Properties"
  24. Jennifer Wilkes, Advisor: Reilly (S) "The Experimental Ultrafast Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect"