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  1. Chandler Amiss, Advisor: Hinders (H),  " Nondestructive Evaluation of Adhesive Bonds"
  2. Abby Flower, Advisor: Delos (H), "The Excited Hydrogen Atom in Parallel Electric and Magnetic Fields"
  3. Tesla Jeltema, Advisor: Sher (HHH), "The Triple-Alpha Process and the Anthropically Allowed Values of the Higgs Mass Parameter"
  4. Paul Larsen, Advisor: Cooke (HHH), "Laser Tweezers"
  5. Kevin Leonard, Advisor: Hinders (HH), "Neural Network Technology and Lamb Wave Tomography"
  6. Dan Reid, Advisor: Hinders (HH), "Non-Invasive Evaluation and Modeling of a Colonial Brick Kiln"
  7. Anthony Richardella, Advisor: Manos (H), "Plasma Source Ion Implantation Modeling Project"
  8. Olivia Ry, Advisor: Tracy (S), "Correlation Between Spectral States and Dynamical States of Cygnus X-1"
  9. Steve Simons, Advisor: Tracy (H), "Space-Time Correlations Fields"
  10. Sandy Sligh, Advisor: Armstrong (H), "Testing of a Prototype G0 Detector Assembly"
  11. TJ Walls, Advisor: Zhang (HH), "Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Perovskite Crystal Growth with Long Range Coulomb Interactions"