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Your Pre-Major Advisor

You and your "pre-major advisor" will work together from orientation until you declare a major. Our faculty advisors are very familiar with the academic landscape, and their knowledge will help you make informed decisions. They can also point you toward a variety of useful campus resources. A pre-major advisor will be assigned to you before Orientation.

Your pre-major advisor can:

  • Help you plan your early academic choices so you're on track to get the most from your William & Mary degree.
  • Guide you to courses and opportunities that can help you meet your goals.
  • Serve as someone you can talk to when you need academic advice or assistance.
  • Connect you with other faculty and staff who can provide more help and information.
  • Help you plan and prepare for registration.
  • Provide you with the *PIN number you need to register.
  • Help you think through and decide on an academic major.
Meeting With Your Pre-major Advisor

Once you arrive on campus for orientation, you will be assigned a Pre-Major Advisor and they will email you to introduce themselves and schedule a time for your orientation advising meeting.

First-year meetings with your pre-major advisor will be about getting you off to a strong academic start at William & Mary. You will have meetings ahead of each registration window during your first academic year. You will typically have at least one meeting in your second year to make sure you're on the right track and to plan for your intended major. 

Your pre-major advisor will also give you the *PIN number you will need to register for classes. This number is only shared after you have completed your advising meeting, so please be sure to schedule your advising meetings ahead of registration.

Questions About Your Pre-major Advisor Assignment

If for some reason you need a new pre-major advisor (if, for example, yours goes on research leave), you should complete this request form managed by the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

New Students Arriving Fall 2023

Congratulations on your decision to join us at William & Mary! There are multiple advising resources available to you from our office including our Weekly Webinars to answer your questions.  If you have questions in the interim, you can reach us by phone 757-221-2476, or email [[academicaffairs]].

Pre-Major Advisor - First Meeting

Suggestions for your first meeting with your faculty advisor

Advising is a partnership between you and your advisor. Advisors help you identify and develop your personal strengths that lead to achieving your goals, like communicating well, taking responsibility for your actions, and earning a degree from William & Mary.

Here's a short list of suggestions for your first meeting with your faculty advisor:
Introduce yourself. Ask your advisor about herself or himself. Use this opportunity to lay the groundwork for a collaborative relationship.

  • Talk about your academic background. What courses did you like in high school? What challenges do you expect as you begin your first year at W&M?
  • Discuss the courses you're thinking about taking in your first semester.
  • Talk about any other activities you're interested in. Will there be time? Does it seem like a good balance?
  • Ask about research opportunities, and other opportunities you're considering for future years. What should you be thinking about now so you're well positioned later?
  • Review the first-semester and first-year timeline to make sure you know what lies ahead.
  • Find out how your advisor likes to schedule appointments. By email? By phone? Some other way?