Sophomore/Junior Monroe Scholar Research

All Sophomore/Junior Monroe Scholars can receive $3,000 in funding to conduct an in-depth summer research project. Many students use this as a springboard for further research, such as an Honors project or independent study. You may do your Sophomore/Junior project the summer before your junior or senior years.

Monroe Scholars who do not complete their research before the beginning of their senior year forfeit the funding. In order to qualify for the funding, you must be a Monroe Scholar enrolled in undergraduate W&M classes (or studying abroad) in the fall following your project.

When your project is funded, you will:

  1. Spend a minimum of seven full weeks on your research.
  2. Post a brief abstract of the Monroe project to the Sophomore/Junior Monroe Research blog - this first post is due before your payment will be processed.
  3. Post a minimum of five additional entries to the Sophomore/Junior Monroe Research blog over the summer. Your last post will summarize the results of your project.
  4. Submit the product of your project to your faculty advisor at the end of the summer.
  5. Present your work at the Charles Center-sponsored Undergraduate Research Symposium event in the semester following your research (or, if you are studying abroad that fall, at another Charles Center event when you return to campus).

The results of Scholar research will vary: Many finish with a research paper, but that might not be the best product for everyone. For example, if you’re doing a creative project, you might end with a painting, sculpture or novella. Scholars working in labs might have their lab results as their final products. You will work with your advisor to determine what is the most appropriate final result of your project