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CITI Online Training Modules

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR),  Biosafety, Conflict of Interest, Animal Subjects and Human Subjects Training Programs

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) provides compliance committee members (IACUC, PHSC, and IBC, RAD), principal investigators, students, and staff with on-line instruction that document compliance with various federal mandates.

Animal Subjects-IACUC: PIs, faculty, staff, students, and IACUC members involved in the care and use of any vertebrate animals in the laboratory or the field must complete CITI modules listed as required for the program's course entitled "Investigators, Staff, and Students-Working with the IACUC" under the "Laboratory Animal Welfare" curriculum every three years, whether the research is funded or unfunded.  CITI will automatically send renewal notices to faculty when the training is close to expiration.

The PI is responsible for ensuring all personnel are named in the PI's IACUC protocol and have completed the above modules and additional appropriate levels of training.  The PI is responsible for attaching CITI completion certificates for all personnel named in the IACUC  protocol submission. All personnel whose work involves activities with fish, whether funded or unfunded, must complete the CITI modules titled either "Working with Fish in Research Settings" or "I work with Zebrafish: Danio rerio".

Protection of Human Subjects training completion is required by all faculty, students, and staff involved in human subject research before the commencement of research, whether the research is funded or unfunded.  Training for human subject research includes, area specific human subject modules, Conflict of Interest, and Responsible Conduct of Research. The CITI completion certificates must be attached to the research protocol for the committee to consider it for review.

Responsible Conduct of Research training is required for all NSF and NIH-funded research.  All undergraduate, graduate students, Post-Docs, and PIs supported by an NSF or NIH grant must complete the RCR training. 

The PI of record must certify personnel have been trained and verify training pre-dates participation in the grant-funded project.  The training must be kept current and updated every three years.

CITI provides RCR modules.

  • Go to the CITI training modules,
    Register uder affiliation with William & Mary

  • Select the training module(s) in your research area, e.g., Human Subjects: AREA I: Humanities-PHSC, Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), AREA II-Social & Behavioral Research, AREA III-Biomedical Research Investigators-PHSC, School of Education/EDIRC or Charles Center StudentIRB; IACUC, RCR, Safety, Conflict of Interest.
  • Note: for Computer Science/COR, please refer to AREA III - Biomedical Research.