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William and Mary has a long, rich history of training leaders.  Even before the ROTC existed, William and Mary has a tradition of making leaders in the military, politics, and business.  Here are a few of them:

George Washington, the first President of the United States received his surveyor's certificate from William and Mary.  As Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, he led the students of William and Mary during the Siege of Yorktown, and he later served as the College's 14th Chancellor.

Gen. Winfield Scott 1805, longest serving general in U.S. military history (1814-1861); commanded forces in War of 1812, Black Hawk War and Mexican-American War; general-in-chief of Union Army at start of the American Civil War; author of Anaconda Plan

Congressman Herbert H. Bateman, ’49, LLD.

Brig. Gen. James A. Baber, ’52.

Gov. John N. Dalton ’53.

Maj. General James Michael Lyle '62, Former Commander of Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Maj. General Thomas G. Lightner ’58.

Paul R. Verkuil ’61, former President of William and Mary.

Robert M. Gates '65, L.H.D. 1998, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (1991-1993); Deputy National Security Adviser (1989-1991); 22nd United States Secretary of Defense (2006-present).

Timothy J. Sullivan ’66, former President of William and Mary.

Lt. Gen. Kieth w. Dayton (USA) ’70.

Gen. David McKiernan (USA) '72, former commanding general, Third U.S. Army, Coalition Forces Land Component Command in the Middle East (CENTCOM).

Col. Robert F. Kenney, Jr. ’70, M.A. ’73.

Lt. Gen. N. Ross Thompson III (USA) ’74.

Maj. Gen. (USA) Walter L. Davis (USA) ’79.

Lt. Gen. (USA) Thomas W. Spoehr (USA) ’80.

Michael K. Powell ' 85, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (2001-2005); son of General Colin Powell; appointed Rector of College of William & Mary (2006).