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Cissy Patterson Lectures

Thanks to the support of the Cissy Patterson Foundation to undergraduate mathematics education, the Mathematics Department is able to organize various activities to arouse the interest of mathematics study at the College of William and Mary, including the Cissy Patterson lecture series.

See the events calendar for upcoming lectures. Use the advanced search to discover past events. Cissy Patterson lectures that predate the events calender are listed below:

Fall 2009,  October 16

  • Matrices and Topology
                    John Conway, George Washington University

Spring 2007, April 13

  • New Metrics for the Analysis of Algorithms
    Cliff Stein, Columbia University

Spring 2004, April 2
Cryptography and Security: The Mathematics and the Job Opportunities

  • Public Key Cryptography, e-Commerce and Number Theory
    Joachim Rosenthal, University of Notre Dame
  • Computer Security and Cryptography: Roles in Industry
    Brad Arkin, Director, @stake Centers of Excellence
  • Job Opportunities for Mathematicians at the National Security Agency
    Madonna M. Chernesky, Cryptanalysis Intern Program Director, National Security Agency

Spring 2003, March 19

  • Mathematical and non-mathematical lessons of history of mathematics
    Simon Gindikin, Rutgers University

Spring 2002, March 28

  • Inclement Weather: Major Threat to Air Traffic Management Prior to 9-11
    Tasha Inniss, Trinity College

Fall 2000, Sept. 15

  • The Soap Bubble Geometry Contest: A guessing contest, with demonstrations, explanations, prizes and recent Mathematical news about soap bubbles
    Frank Morgan, Williams College

Spring 2000, Feb 4.

  • Historical Contours of the American Mathematical Research Community 
    Professor Karen Parshall, University of Virginia

Spring 1997

  • Operations Research Success Stories
    Professor Karla Hoffman, George Mason University

Fall 1997

  • A Basic Result in Matrix Theory - the Smith Normal Form
    Professor Morris Newman, University of California at Santa Barbara

Spring 1995

  • Wavelets: From Theoretical Mathematics to the Information Superhighway
    Professor Bjorn D. Jawerth, University of South Carolina and Summus, Ltd.

Spring 1994

  • Feature Accurate Investigative and Trial Image/Video Processing
    Leonid I. Rudin, Co-CEO and Director of Research and Development Cognitech, Inc. - Image Processing & Devices Laboratory, Santa Monica, CA

Fall 1994

  • Spouse-avoiding Mixed Doubles Round Robins
    Alan Hoffman, Thomas J. Watson IBM Research Center