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Getting Started with LAS

Students intersested in getting an inside look at Latin American Studies should consider taking LAS 350: Latin American Politics and Society. This course is required of all LAS majors and minors but also fulfills the COLL 200 requirement. LAS 350 is a microcosm of the LAS major in that it offers a multi-discinplinary look at Latin American people and societies often through guest lectures from LAS faculty across campus. Students interested in LAS might also opt to take either LAS 131 or LAS 132 (cross-listed as HIST 131/132 respectively). Both of these courses are historical surveys of Latin America that offer students an understanding of the major historical events from the Conquest and into the present moment.

Find a major advisor

Students often choose to begin their discussions of Latin American Studies with a professor who has taught one of their favorite courses. That said, any of our dedicated core faculty are happy to meet with students to help them better understand the requirements, as well as the many opportunities, that come with majoring in LAS. Once you have decided to major in Latin American Studies, you will need to find a major advisor. Although any LAS core faculty member can serve as a major advisor, traditionally, the current LAS director serves as the formal major advisor for all LAS students.

Declare Your Major/minor

Schedule a time to meet with the LAS director or your chosen advisor. Before your meeting, complete a draft of the LAS Major Declaration Worksheet [pdf] and the Declaration of Major Form [pdf] (or Declaration of Academic Minor Form [pdf]). During your meeting, you will go over your plan so your advisor can approve it and forward it on to the Program Director.

After the Program Director signs your Declaration of Major Form, you may deliver it to the Registrar's Office.