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Archived Alumni Updates

Below we've archived alumni updates received in previous years, in order of graduating class.


Megan Locke '10 is on the JET program teaching English in Japan. (2010)

Julian Oreska '09 works as a product developer for the toy company Bandai at their headquarters in Asakusa, Japan. Julian was a double Business and East Asian Studies major who also completed the Canon Corporation internship in summer 2009. (2010)

Jennie Anderson '08, while in graduate school for the past two years, created a a U.S. market entry plan for the company called Plastered T-shirts based in Beijing based on her knowledge of China and her Chinese language skills. This led to the company owner's recent visit to a trade show in the U.S. Looks highly likely that the company will make inroads into the U.S. market in the coming year. (2010)

Jenny Davy '08 did a year of study abroad in Tokyo at Keio University. She went on to a two-year course of study at the Cooperstown Graduate Program doing a Master of Arts degree in History Museum Studies. (2008)

Toni Dionne '08 has been working as program assistant for the U.S.-China Policy Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational organization based in D.C. that promotes understanding between policymakers, government officials, researchers, and the general public in the United States and in China. (2010)

Nancy Marsden '08 is a graduate student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa studying ethnomusicology. She's combining her East Asian Studies and Music majors from W&M into the area of Japanese music. She hopes to focus on popular music in Japan. (2009)

Laura Sauvain '08 has been working for Deloitte Consulting LLP in Federal Analyst, and will be relocated to China next year to work on the Deloitte China Joint Venture. Wal-Mart is Deloitte's biggest account and has huge plans for expansion within China--this is just one example of the increasing need Deloitte has for employees with knowledge of China and language skills. (2010)

Amy Palesko '06 was William & Mary's first Fulbright to Japan. She studied at the University of Osaka and is currently residing and working in Japan as a design engineer at Nokia. (2008)

Michael Berman '05 is in the master's program of social sciences at the University of Chicago. (2007)

Earl Carr '05 was with the International Banking Division of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) in Shanghai for four years. He is currently Vice President of the International Banking of HSBC in Taipei, Taiwan. (2010)