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Alumni Updates

We love hearing from you. Please send us your news and keep your contact information up to date. We'll post your news on this page as we receive it. 

For updates sent in past years, click on the "archive" in the left menu.


Hunter Braithwaithe '08 is a freelance journalist who writes about issues such as art, subcultures, and globalism.  He has written for National Geographic and CNN. Currently, he writes about art for Bound Editorial, ArtSlant, Asian Art News, and City Weekend Shanghai. He also teaches Western Culture and Media English at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. (2011).

Chris Bubb '10 is in Ishikawa, Japan teaching English in Junior High and Elementary schools through a program run by Interac. (2011)

Mike Crandol '07 is currently in University of Minnesota's  Ph.D. program in Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media, and attended Stanford University's InterUniversity Center Japanese language program in Yokohama Japan 2009-10. Mike is working on Nakagawa Nobuo, a horror-movie director from the 1950s and 60s who influenced the J-Horror boom. He has also written reviews of Asian entertainment on (2011)

Pam Kennedy '10 is working in bank examination with the Federal Reserve Bank out in Los Angeles. Her examination team will work with many Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese banks. (2011)

Peter Luebke '05 is currently a student in the graduate program on Southern History in the American History Ph.D. program at University of Virginia. He has an article, “Maruo Suehiro’s ‘Planet of the Jap’: Revanchist Fantasy or War Critique?”  that he co-authored with Professor Rachel DiNitto, forthcoming in the Australian journal Japanese Studies. (2011) 

Nathan Revere '10 is doing graduate work at University of Wisconsin-Madison in their Anthropology Ph.D. program, focusing on language and culture in Japan. (2011)

Loretta Scott '10 is currently working in NYC in marketing/business development. She started a Youtube series called "The Difficulties of Japanese" in 2007, and was eventually contacted by YesJapan Corporation, which provides real-world and online courses for Japanese langauge learning. She's now contracted as a video producer, and creates youtube-style education videos for their website ! (2011)