Advising FAQs

When should I declare an English major?

You usually declare a major during the spring semester of your sophomore year, during the advising period held before pre-registration for the fall semester.

It’s possible to declare a major at other times. You may declare a major when you’ve completed at least 39 credits; you must declare a major by the time you’ve completed 54.

How do I declare a major?

Using Banner, generate a “Degree Evaluation” for yourself and print it out. With the help of that information, fill out a Declaration/Change of Major Form (PDF) to the best of your ability. Then make an appointment with any department advisor to complete and sign the form. When you and your advisor have signed the Declaration Form, take it to the Registrar’s Office in Blow Hall.

How do I get an advisor?

You choose your advisor from this list. Typically, students choose an advisor they know well or who shares their interests. Many faculty have information on teaching and research interests posted on their web pages, accessible from the department’s faculty directory.

How do I make an appointment with my advisor?

Advisors will post their office hours on their office doors about two weeks prior to pre-registration for the fall semester. Just sign up for a time-slot with the advisor of your choice. If you declare your major at some other time of the year, just schedule an appointment with your intended advisor or stop by during his or her office hours.

What should I do if my advisor goes on leave?

If your advisor goes on leave, you may decide to request another official advisor, since only your official advisor has access to your records and so is the only person able to answer questions that concern your coursework (e.g., whether you’ve fulfilled particular requirements). Many of the questions you’re likely to have, however, can probably be answered by any faculty member.

How often should I see my advisor?

The English Department doesn’t require students to see their advisors. Anytime you’d like advice about course selection, graduate programs, or anything else, just email your advisor to make an appointment.