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Alumni Updates: Class Years 2010-19


Below are archived updates for alumni graduating between 2010 and 2019. Visit the main Alumni Updates page for more updates received this year.


Christina Bullock '10- BA in English- Christina Bullock '10, recently authored the article "Driving New Narratives: Women Leader Identities in the Automotive Industry," published in the Gender in Management: An International Journal. Bullock's research examined the identity-related work experiences of women in leadership in the US automotive industry. Drawing upon the communication theory of identity’s four identity frames, the study analyzed women’s narratives to better understand their self-concepts, work relationships and activities within larger corporate automotive contexts. Christina Bullock is currently a doctoral candidate at Regent University's School of Communication & the Arts in Virginia Beach, Va. (05/2019)

Miriam Hodgkins '11- BA in English and German- I am in the midst of my sixth season of ski instructing at Breckenridge, Colorado. At the end of April I am relocating to the mountainous country of Lesotho. I served in the Peace Corps six years ago and I am returning to the same rural village to start a small computer lab up for the high school. (01/2019)

Cory Hitt '11- BA in English- In 2018 I received my doctorate from the University of St Andrews in Medieval History (very much inspired by the work of Prof Monica B. Potkay), during which I was a Marie Curie Fellow on the EU-funded ITN "Power and Institutions in Medieval Islam and Christendom". My doctoral thesis focused on the rhetoric of norm transmission in Old French literature and law. I've since been hired as a fellow on the ERC project "Civil Law, Common Law, Customary Law" at the University of St Andrews and am currently researching the rhetoric of Old French customary law, focusing on freedom and un-freedom. (01/2019)

Katherine Hughes '12- BA in English- I have recently joined the American Wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art as the Decorative Arts Trust Research Scholar, working on the exhibition, "Stories in Clay: Stoneware from Edgefield District, South Carolina," scheduled to open October 2020. This will be the first major exhibition in the American Wing of The Met to feature southern and African-American pottery. (10/2018)

Macs Smith' 11- BA in English and French- This June I will receive my PhD in French from Princeton University. In the fall I will be moving to the UK to take up the position of Hamilton Junior Research Fellow in French at the Queen's College in the University of Oxford. (03/2018)

Zoe Speas '12- BA in English and Theatre- I've been working as a professional actor since I graduated early from the College of William and Mary in the winter of 2011. I moved to New York City, where I maintain a residence, but I hop around the country performing at different theatres primarily in the realm of Shakespeare and Classical Texts, which was a huge interest of mine as an undergraduate English major at W&M. I've recently started work in Sarasota, FL at the Florida Studio Theatre as an upright bassist/vocalist for a musical review of Bobby Darin's work. This is a particularly challenging and unique experience for me, as my first foray into the world of musical theatre. While my heart will always be with the Bard, I am absolutely loving the style of performance and playing this difficult but gutsy instrument. As a double-major, I was grateful to the W&M Theatre Department for my training in performance and voice, but academically I feel so strongly attached to the English Department as a creative writer and lover of literary analysis. I had so many incredible professors and mentors who encouraged me to think outside the box of how I read and absorb literature. I particularly owe a huge debt to Melanie Dawson, who was instrumental in opening my mind to genres of writing and philosophy that I had believed I couldn't successfully study because I disagreed with the perspective. How wrong I was. And how important that lesson has been as I approach each new role I undertake as an actor, and each new person I meet in my life. Thank you to the W&M English Department! (10/2017)

Becky Koenig '12- BA in English and History- Becky Koenig '12 recently started a new job as a reporter at U.S. News & World Report, covering careers, the workplace, and employment data. (10/2017)

Rory Sullivan '14- BA in English- Having received my Masters from the University of Virginia in the spring, I am now starting a Doctoral program in English at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, specializing in medieval literature. (08/2017)

Jennifer MacLure '10- B.A. English- This spring, I am completing my PhD in English at University of Wisconsin, Madison and have accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of English at Kent State University, specializing in Nineteenth-Century British Literature and beginning in Fall 2017. (4/2017)

Rachel Watson '14-  B.A. Engish- Rachel is a Communications Specialist at the software development company AvePoint, based in their Richmond, VA office. (4/2017)

Elyse Endick '14- B.A. English- I graduated this May with my MFA in screenwriting from NYU Tisch. (10/2016) 

Nora Pace '14- B.A. English and History- I'm currently teaching high school English in Scituate, RI, after finishing my Masters of Arts in Teaching at Brown University in May 2015. Currently, I'm intrigued by problems of essay structure, goal-oriented pre-writing, and bringing reading joy to all of my students. Sending my best to the English Department! (10/2016)

Jessy Segal '12- B.A. English and Government- I have successfully secured my first writing job, working as a social media content creator for Movement Mortgage. Previously, I've worked in advertising but on the account side. Now I'm being paid to write! In addition to social posts, I'm responsible for curating content, including long-and short-form articles about the mortgage industry, our company, and a variety of related topics. So to all you English majors out there, there are many ways to get paid to write, and it's definitely possible! One Tribe, One Love to all my fellow English majors.(10/2016)

Rachel Watson '14-  B.A. Engish- This year, I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with my Master of Arts in English. I recently accepted a full-time position at St. Mary's Ryken High School in Leonardtown, Maryland as an English teacher. (07/2016)

Julia Powers '13- B.A. English- Since graduation in 2013, I've been freelance writing, interning at a church, and applying to graduate school. I'll be starting a Master's in Divinity at Duke University Divinity School in Fall 2016, with hopes of working in church ministry and continuing to write. Online publications can be accessed at My first print publication (a personal essay) just came out April 2016 in Open Minds Quarterly, an Ontario-based magazine featuring "the poetry and literature of mental health recovery." This edition of the quarterly was their first-ever classroom edition with accompanying teacher guide, which I contributed to as well, aiming to foster conversation about mental health among young people. Thanks to the William & Mary English Department for helping me develop my writing voice and share it with others! (05/2016)

Sarah Kyle '12- B.A. English and Psychology- I am in my last year of graduate school! In May 2015, I will graduate with a Master of Arts in Counseling and will begin pursuing licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I am also getting married in June 2015. (09/2014)

Catherine Casalino '13- B.A. English- I am currently an Art Director at Grand Central Publishing in New York City, where I oversee the Twelve imprint. Even though this seems a bit of a departure from doing a poetry honors project with Prof Hart, being an English major/History minor and photo editor of The Flat Hat ended up being a perfect mix of experience for working as a graphic designer within publishing. The skills I honed at W&M thoughtful reading, researching, creativity, and visual thinking are things I use every day as an Art Director. I have been honored to work on covers for so many wonderful writers over the years, from Christopher Hitchens to Chuck Palahniuk to Billy Collins.

I will be getting married in July 2014 to Christopher Sergio, who is an Art Director at Penguin and a RISD alumni. (12/2013)

Allyson Zacharoff '13- B.A. English and European Studies- After graduation, I found out I had received a fully-funded Russell Berrie Fellowship to study interreligious studies at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, Italy for 2013-2014. I maintain a blog on interfaith topics,, and look forward to continuing my work in this field in the future. (12/2013)

Katherine Hughes '12- B.A. English- After graduation, I worked at an independent bookstore (Read Local!) and then at the Holocaust Museum & Tolerance Center on Long Island. Now, I am working towards my M.A. in American Fine & Decorative Art at Sotheby's Institute in New York, where the writing and research skills I learned as an English major are serving me well. In my free time, I'm happy to serve on the W&M NYC chapter alumni board - it's fantastic to meet so many W&M alums both in the decorative arts field and in NYC! (12/2013)

Emily Wilson '10 - Emily tells us she recently found a job as the new Events Editor at What's Up? Annapolis, and What's Up? Eastern Shore magazines. (2010)

Chris Robinson - '10 B.A.English and Philosophy After graduating in the spring of 2010, I spent the summer working for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth in Los Angeles, and then made the move to New York City to participate in Mayor Bloomberg's NYC Civic Corps, an AmeriCorps program dedicated to engaging volunteers with local non-profits. Through the program, I'm working with the Academic department of Year Up, a non-profit dedicated to developing underprivileged young adults for the workforce; along with assisting the teaching faculty and recruiting tutors, I'm launching a Writing Resource Center (sound familiar?) for the program, using volunteers to provide both revision services and a creative writing workshop to our students. Coming from Williamsburg to New York, I thought I would constantly have to be qualifying my college education to an unknowing audience, but I have been repeatedly met with "oohs" and "aahs" and "what a great school" from people all over the city when I tell them I graduated from William & Mary. I am currently applying to Ph.D programs in Comparative Literature, hoping that renown will boost my application through. (2010)

Andy Josselyn – ’10 BA English Hello! I've started at short story magazine with a good friend called The Canary Press, based in Melbourne, Australia. The mag will be coming out in mid-April in print as a quarterly edition initially, with the hope of making it monthly in the future. When did reading short stories become such hard work? We hope to make reading short stories a pastime again, the perfect form for the hustle and bustle of our modern world. We've got top and emerging writers and illustrators lined up for the first issue from Australia, the US, and the world beyond, all super stoked to bring you and excellent publication. So excited to be using all the skills I learned in my degree at William and Mary, even if the job isn't quite paying for them yet! Folks can pre-order an issue and subscribe at our website or, before April 13th, they can check out our crowd funding website at and see some other great ways to support and independent publication. (10/2010)

Katrina Hudy '10 B.A. in English. Currently working for Cave Ridge Vineyard in the Shenandoah Valley and managing a wine bar in Harrisonburg, Wine on Water. I am also working part time at the local Small Business Development Center and will be applying to MBA programs in the Fall. (10/2013)

Margaret McMillan '10 B.A. in English. I will be heading to Notre Dame next year to enroll in their English Department as a Ph.D. student. (10/2013)
Elizabeth Henry '10 B.A. in English (10/2013)

Megan Behm – '11 BA English and Theatre Megan will be working as an assistant to the director at the Folger Theatre in Washington, DC this fall. She will also be directing a production of Romeo and Juliet at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in March. (10/2011)

Justine di Giovanni '11- B.A. in English. I am attending Columbia Law School in New York City, and am interning for the ACLU's Program for Freedom of Religion and Belief in Washington, D.C. this summer. After law school, I plan to join a firm in New York. (10/2013)

Lauren Hill – ’12 BA English A little over a year after graduation and I'm now working in New York as Events Coordinator and Associate Publicist for Oxford University Press - which I would like to think is a direct result of my majoring in English at W&M! (10/2013)