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ACM SIGPLAN Research Highlight paper

Prof. Xu Liu and his doctoral student Shasha Wen as well as their industry collaborators from HPE Lab and Scalable Machines have published a paper Watching for Software Inefficiencies with Witch at ASPLOS'18 which has been selected as the ACM SIGPLAN Research Highlights Paper for 2019.

Since 2008, SIGPLAN has selected papers from its sponsored conferences that are of high quality and broad appeal. These papers, called SIGPLAN Research Highlights, are selected by a committee representing SIGPLAN's major conferences and elected officials.  Four papers were selected by the committee as SIGPLAN Research Highlights in 2019. More information is available at

The ACM SIGPLAN Research Highlights committee makes the following comments about this paper:

This paper makes a substantial improvement to the state of production performance profiling tools.  The paper is widely accessible and will be of interest to application, tool, and system developers … Application and system developers will want to use it.