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Graduation 2013

In a festive ceremony, the Department celebrated the Class of 2013.

Professor Donahue with Hogan Prize Winner, Brett Evans


Professor Donahue, Chair of the Department, announced the Department's Prize Winners:

  • Brett Evans: William J. Hogan Award for Outstanding Achievement in Classical Studies
  • Courtney Greer: APA Award for Outstanding Student in Classical Philology
  • Anthony Maslanka: CAMWS Award for Outstanding Student in Classical Literature
  • Laura Claggett: Department of Classical Studies Award in Classical Civilization
  • Athena Tellis: Department of Classical Studies Leadership Award

Our graduates (l-r): Derill Hagood, Athena Tellis, Scott Daisley, Courtney Greer, Brett Evans, Cassidy Stinson, Anthony Maslanka, Brittany Hull, Laura Claggett

There were the traditional shoutouts:

Laura Claggett: "I plan to attend graduate school for psychology and pursue a career in psychotherapy. My favorite memory from my Classics career was studying abroad in Rome spring of junior year at the Centro. I would not have chosen the program without help and encouragement from my professors –and I am so grateful that I did. I look back on my time in the department with such fondness; a truly wonderful place to spend the past four years."

Scott Daisley: After graduation Scott is attending law school at the College of William and Mary so he will be in Williamsburg for another three years. 

Brett Evans is graduating with Highest Honors in Classical Studies, concentrating in Latin. He spent this past year writing a thesis called “Looking for Reality in Latin Love Elegy,” directed by his advisor Dr. Lily Panoussi. He cannot thank her enough for her guidance, her support, and her kindness. Each and every one of his his professors have showed him the riches of studying the ancient world, and taught him to think and to think again. With their support, he has been awarded a Fulbright Full Grant to study for an MA in Classical Reception at the University of Bristol in the UK. After his year abroad, he come back home to Virginia, where he will enter the graduate program in Classics at the University of Virginia. He looks forward to returning to the Department for many visits to come."

Courtney Greer: "It's incredibly difficult to pick a favorite memory from the past four years, but with its combination of wonderful people and the exploration of my favorite ancient civilization combined with one of my favorite modern ones, the Classics Department Trip to Rome and Pompeii this past summer was without a doubt the most educational, entertaining, and memorable trip I've ever had. Beginning this summer, I will be training to teach English in low-income urban areas in Rhode Island as a member of the Rhode Island Teaching Fellows, and I will have my own class to teach in the fall."

Derrill Hagood will be attending Columbia University’s Summer Publishing Institute through the month of July and afterwards hopes to find a job as an editorial assistant in trade publishing. Her favorite memory of the department has been her close-knit Greek classes with Professors Oakley, Panoussi, and Hutton.

Brittany Hull: "After graduation, I intend to take the time to finally start planning my wedding. Beyond that what my future holds is uncertain, but I know it could never overshadow the memories I’ve gathered along the way in this department. Coming in to college I intended to major in Computer Science. But by the second semester of my freshman year, after having only taken one Classics class in the fall, I was hooked and decided to change my major. Little did I know I’d spend the next three and a half years climbing to the third floor of Morton Hall every day, a place we’d all complain about but at the same time call ‘home’. There is no way to pick out just one favorite memory but I will say Monty Python served as an exceptional teaching supplement."

Anthony Maslanka: "I have enjoyed getting to know my professors and my fellow classics classmates during my time at William and Mary. They have been invaluable both to my academic and personal growth. After graduation, I will be pursuing a career as a secondary school Latin teacher. I would also like to thank my family for their continual love and support throughout my education."

Cassidy Stinson: "I have many dear memories of my time spent in the Classics department, and the many projects developed, Mediterranean parties thrown, and sword-and-sandal movies watched together. I'll never forget discussing the Odyssey in the sunshine on the New Campus lawn with Professor Paga, exploring the streets of Ancient Pompeii with Professor Swetnam-Burland, and watching the exploits of Alexander the Great with Professor Donahue. I plan to take these memories with me as I study philosophy and theology at Catholic University of America next year, and can't wait to see what the future brings."

Athena Tellis: "For the next few years I will be teaching 7th grade science in Chicago with Teach for America. While I am not pursuing classics, I have had an incredible four years with the classical studies department and have enjoyed every single class I have taken here with these brilliant, hilarious, passionate professors. I took Greek Civilization for a GER, but ended up loving it so much that I decided to major in classics without really even thinking about it. Two things in particular stand out to me when I reflect on my time here: the amazing summer in Rome/Pompeii last year with Professor Spaeth, and her unique class on ancient magic the following semester. For those experiences I would like to thank her. I also especially want to thank Professors Irby and Swetnam-Burland for their contagious enthusiasm, and Professors Donahue and Paga for never accepting anything less than the best. Finally, a huge thank you to Professor Hutton for being an exceptional advisor and for bringing me into this department."

And, of course, there was cake!



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