William & Mary

2011 Homecoming Reception

Classics Club members

The Department's first Homecoming Reception in October was a lot of fun for visiting alumni, faculty, and current students. Recent and not so recent graduates had fun chatting with faculty and meeting the current students.

Alumni who made it to the reception include Emily and CJ Kamp, Martin Waldbaum, Mark D'Antonio, Lee Chirtel, Jack Cohen, Lauren Appel, Ed Cook, Steve Santelli and his wife Maureen, Maggie Richards, and Rev. Selena Suzanne Marie Bissett Carpenter Fox and her husband Dr. Dennis Carpenter. Emeriti Professors James Baron and J. Ward Jones Jr. also joined the other faculty members for an afternoon of reminiscence and general merriment.

A slideshow from our Study Abroad Rome/Pompeii program in the summer of 2011 provided a scenic background to our festivities. Many thanks to our Administrative Assistant Joyce Holmes and our Classics Club members Sam Angley, Kelly Field, and Russ Walker for their help. We hope to host such receptions annually on Homecoming Weekend.

Check out the Photo Gallery, and please join us next year!