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Endowed Lectures

Brinkley Lecture | Jones Lecture | Lee Lecture

Virginia N. Brinkley Lecture:

XV. 2017-10-5
Sandra Blakely, Emory University
"Gods, Games, and Sailors: Maritime Networks and the Mysteries of the Great Gods of Samothrace."

XIV. 2017-3-30
Bonna Wescoat, Emory University
"From the Vantage of the Victory: New Research on the Nike of Samothrace"

XIII. 2016 –3-1
Emily Teeter, University of Chicago, Oriental Institute
“Popular Religion in Ancient Egypt”

 XII. 2014-9-25
Susan Rotroff, Washington University in St. Louis
“Phrasikleia and the Merenda Kouros: Beauty, Victory, Death & Marriage in Archaic Athens”

XI. 2013-9-9
Gregory Woolf, University of St. Andrews
“A World without History:  What the Greeks Didn’t Know about Founding a Colony.”

X. 2012-9-11
Joan Mertens, Metropolitan Museum of Art
“Chariots in Black-figure Vase Painting: Antecedents and Ramifications.”

IX. 2011-9-15
Sarah Parcak, University of Alabama at Birmingham
“Ancient Egypt from Above: Satellites and Survey along the Nile.”

VIII. 2010-10-14
Betsey Robinson, Vanderbilt University
“Nature and the City:  The Fountains of Corinth”

VII. 2009-10-1
David Frankfurter, University of New Hampshire
Domestic Religion in Roman Egypt

VI. 2008-10-7
Andrew Stewart, University of California, Berkeley
“Designing Women:  The Hetaira as Model from Phintias to Praxiteles.”

V. 2007-10-8
Janet Richards, University of Michigan
“Lost Tombs and Provincial Politics at Abydos, Egypt.”

IV. 2006-10-26
Roger Bagnall, Columbia University
“Excavating a Roman Town in an Egyptian Oasis.”

III. 2005-10-6
Barbara Tsakirgis, Vanderbilt University
“Unlocking the Door to Greek Houses:  The Archaeology of the Greek House and Household.”

II. 2004-10-7
Olga Palagia, University of Athens
“After the Parthenon:  Athena and Asclepius on the Athenian Acropolis”

I. 2003-10-23
Jenifer Neils, Case Western Reserve University
“Whose Marbles?  The Parthenon and its Sculptures in the 21st Century.”

J. Ward Jones Lecture

XIV. 2018-4-2
Christopher Craig, University of Tennessee
"O Immortal Gods!: The Rhetoric of Anger in Cicero's Speeches"

XIII. 2017-2-23
G. Karl Galinsky, University of Texas - Austin
"Memory and Forgetting in the Time of Augustus"

XII. 2016 -2-18
Sharon James, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
“Women in Roman Comedy”

XI. 2015-4-1
Denis Feeney, Princeton University
“Time and the Roman”

X. 2014-2-12
Richard Talbert, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“The World in Your Hand:  Roman Portable Sundials.”

IX. 2013-3-25
Bernard Frischer, University of Virginia
“Modeling the Past:  The Digital Hadrian’s Villa Project.”

VIII. 2012-2-15
John Miller, University of Virginia
“Virgil’s Salian Hymn to Hercules.”

VII. 2011-2-10
Michael C.J. Putnam, Brown University
“Vergil & History.”

VI. 2010-2-18
James O’Hara, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“The Unfinished Aeneid?  Interpretation, Reception and Supplement.”

V. 2009-3-25
Andrew Becker, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
“The Old Words Have Blood on Them:  Thinking about and through Ancient Texts.”

IV. 2008-3-25
Susan F. Wiltshire, Vanderbilt University
“Using the Classics in Public.”

III. 2007-2-15
Brent Froberg, Baylor University
“Who Said No One Could Do It?: An Iliad in English Dactylic Hexameter.”

II. 2006-1-26
George Houston – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Libraries in the Ancient Roman World: A User’s Guide”

I. 2005-1-31
Fred Franko, Hollins University
“The Crowded Stage in the Plays of Plautus”

Lee Lecture:

IV. 2017-10-19
Mary Ann Eaverly, University of Florida
"Cultic Continuity: Re-Interrogating the Parthenon Frieze"

III. 2016-10-23
Lesley Dean-Jones, University of Texas-Austin
"Galen and the Culture of Dissection"

II. 2015 – 10 - 22
Michael Cosmopoulos, University of Missouri- St. Louis
"The Dying God: Demeter, Persephone and the Origins of Greek Mystery Cults”

I. 2014-10-16
Eric Cline, George Washington University
“1177: The Year Civilization Collapsed”