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The following is a list of courses offered by the department that explicitly discuss themes and topics of diversity, inclusion, and mental health.  It should be noted, however, that nearly all courses offered by the department entail study of peoples and groups often marginalized or oppressed, even when such peoples and groups are not the primary focus of the course.  CLCV courses that are crosslisted in other departments are indicated in parentheses.

CLCV 100 (COLL 100): The Witch in the Western World
CLCV 150 (COLL 150): From Clytemnestra to Kill Bill
CLCV 150 (COLL 150): East and West
CLCV 150 (COLL 150): Ancient Comedy
CLCV 150 (COLL 150): Sympathy for the Devil
CLCV 150 (COLL 150): History and Memory in Rome
CLCV 315: Women in Antiquity (= GSWS 315)
CLCV 320: Pagans and Christians in the Roman World (= RELG 320)
CLCV 323: The Late Roman Empire
CLCV 333 (COLL 200 CSI): Sex and Gender in Antiquity
CLCV 340: Roman Britain (= HIST 360)
CLCV 349 (COLL 200 ALV/CSI): Etruscan Archaeology (= ANTH 334)
CLCV 350: Greek Religion
CLCV 351: Roman Religion
CLCV 355: The Roman Family
CLCV 356 (COLL 300): Comparative Slavery (= HIST 311)
CLCV 357 (COLL 350): Ethnicity, Antiquity, and Race in the Modern United States
CLCV 400 (COLL 400): Ancient Religion
CLCV 409 (COLL 200 ALV): Magic and the Supernatural in the Ancient World
CLCV 431: The Archaeology of Ritual
CLCV 432: The Archaeology of Daily Life
HIST 211 (= CLCV 209): Deciphering Ancient Egypt
HIST 479 (= CLCV 390): Middle Egyptian Texts
RELG 308 (= CLCV 290): Poets and Prophets
RELG 315 (= CLCV 221): Judaism in the Greco-Roman World