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Classical Studies Colloquium 2022


The 2022 Classical Studies Colloquium: Religion in the Ancient World: Magic, Myth, and More!

The Classical Studies Colloquium is an annual celebration of the scholarship of advanced students in Classical Studies at William & Mary. The Colloquium is designed and presented by the students in the Classical Studies Seminar course, and is free and open to the public.

The Colloquium will be held on Saturday, April 30, 2022, in Boswell Hall, Room 220, from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. 


The theme of this year’s Classical Studies Colloquium is religion in the ancient world. Religion had a wide reaching effect in antiquity, as it influenced the social, political, and economic spheres of ancient society. This year’s colloquium provides examples of how religion played a significant role in a variety of communities through architecture, festivals, rituals, and more. By questioning how different groups molded and were molded by religion in antiquity, we can gain perspective on how our own relationships with religion as a society and as individuals influence us today.



1:00pm: Women and Sexuality in the Ancient World

Meggie Corcoran presiding

Bryn DePaul: She is Beauty, She is Grace, She Holds Snakes to Her Face: The Minoan Snake Goddess

Mae Dye: I Am Woman, Hear Me Lament: Syncretism in the Athenian Adonia

Camryn Claude: Women and Dionysiac Ritual in Ancient Greece

Georgia Thoms: Sex and Ancient Religion: An Evaluation of Temple Prostitution

Kathryn “Theo” Whitehead: Vestal Vestments: An Exploration of the Vestal Virgins’ Garments

2:30pm: Relationships with Religion

Bryn DePaul presiding

Meggie Corcoran: Διός γενής: Religion in the Reception of Diogenes of Sinope

Artemis Vetter: Wrath of the Titans: Lead Curse Tablets and Greek Myth

Sydney Kennedy: To Be Whole: Reconstituting Disabled Personhood in the Incubation Ritual at the Epidaurian Asklepieion

Ryan Vincent: The Changing Face of the Lord of Healing, The Evolution of Medical Divinities Worshiped at Epidauros

Reese Waters: Sumer Loving: How Religion in Ancient Mesopotamia Shaped, and was Shaped by, the Environment

4:00pm: Interconnectivity in the Mediterranean

Sydney Kennedy presiding

David Bishop: The Gods that Crossed the Sea: Connecting the Myths of Greece and Egypt

Christopher Lee: If You Don’t Have Homemade, Store-Bought is Fine: The Incorporation of Foreign Gods in the Roman Empire

Charlie Perry: Christians, and Their Cabeiric Connections: Early Christianity and Local Traditions in Thrace

Jana Considine: The Written Word Bound by Devotion Unseen: Female Monasticism and Religiosity in the Visions of Gertrud the Great of Helfta

5:00pm: Keynote Address

Introduction by Ryan Vincent

Dr. Brett Evans (W&M '13, PhD UVA), How a Star Was Born: Competition and Religious Innovation in the ‘Lock of Berenice’