Alumni Updates: Class Years 1990-99


Below are archived updates for alumni graduating between 1990 and 1999. Visit the main Alumni Updates page for more updates received this year.

Sandra Smith '94 (Classical Civilization): "I am currently the founding director of a National Trust Historic Site in San Antonio. I worked in several different capacities after graduation and then eventually got my MA in Museum Studies. I've been with the National Trust for eleven years and my classical studies degree has been useful in so many ways." (7/11).

Kelly Brown Dunne '91 (Classical Studies): "I was recently promoted to Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs in New Century College at George Mason University. I also recently returned from leading my 8th study abroad course to Ireland, where I taught students Irish history through field studies" (3/11).

Ben Goodman '96 is in New York City at a large law firm where he occasionally dazzles his colleagues by translating Latin legalese. (2/09)

Caroline Ferro '90 writes: "I went to Law School at the University of Mississippi, received my JD in 1993, and married a fellow law student, Paul. For the last 13 years, I have lived in the Nashville area. I am an attorney with the IRS. After using my lexicon daily in college, I am completely comfortable with the tax code and transcript deciphering books. I have four sons, Paul (9), Xander (7), Peter (4) and David (10 months). Needless to say, things are a bit hectic around here. My spare time is spent taking boys to sports practices, primarily reading, occasionally writing, and lately, becoming extremely proficient in Webkinz computer games. I thought about Greek the other day because my little guy started pulling all the books off the shelves, starting with Menander's Dyskolos. Although I don't use my studies in any meaningful way, I can at least still translate the Benetton Odyssey t-shirt that I bought back in 1988 (which I still wear to the gym on occasion). I also still have the faux artifacts I bought on my trip to Greece in 1990 on my mantle and a Schliemann gold poster in my workout room. So, although classical studies are far in the past, they are not entirely forgotten. Every time I see a field of rubble, I am reminded of Professor Reilly's Greek Art and Archeology class. Most of my classes were taught by Prof. Ledbetter and Reilly. I'm looking forward to hearing about other alums. FYI...the only thing that results in a longer dead silence than "I am majoring in Ancient Greek" is the sentence "I am an attorney for the IRS." (2/09)

Jennifer Schlegel '90 earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology from UCLA and is working as an adjunct professor of Anthropology at a host of colleges in southeastern Pennsylvania. She scratched the classical archaeology itch in 1994 with a month-long stint at a Hellenistic cite in southern Italy and is now most comfortable in a classroom as a linguistic anthropologist. Jen and Drew Geary, her William and Mary sweetheart, have been married for fourteen years and are the parents of two fantastically wonderful girls. (2/09)

Ashley (aka "Miss Quarles") Tarter '97 has settled in Williamsburg with her husband Sean '96 and their almost-4 year-old son, Timothy. (2/09)

Phil Walsh '99 (Greek) finished his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at Brown University in May 2008. His dissertation, "Comedy and Conflict: The Modern Reception of Aristophanes," was awarded the Marie J. Langlois Dissertation Prize (for outstanding work in the area of feminist studies). He is now teaching English and Latin at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. (2/09)

Kelly Brown Dunne '91 (Classical Civilization) is living in Arlington, VA, with her husband Sebastian Dunne (‘91) and their son Emmett Brady, who is 5 and just began kindergarten. She teaches interdisciplinary courses at George Mason University, where she is the Director of Academic Affairs for New Century College. She also has the pleasure of taking students on study abroad trips to Ireland each year to study its history and culture. (2/08)

Rachel Russo '98 was married in May to Stephen Spence from Raleigh, NC. They were brought together by a mutual interest in the classics - their first discussion was a debate over the nature of tyrants in Imperial Rome. They are currently living in Williamsburg and planning a trip to Italy, Greece, and Turkey this spring. (2/08)

Sandra Smith '94 (Classical Civilization) has been with the National Trust for Historic Preservation for nearly 8 years, after having received an MA in Museum Studies. She is now the director of a National Trust Historic Site in San Antonio TX and is preparing for its opening to the public in 2008. (2/08)