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Alumni Updates: Class Years 1970-79


Below are archived updates for alumni graduating between 1970 and 1979. Visit the main Alumni Updates page for more updates received this year.

David Winn '70 (AB Latin), '74 (MA English/Secondary Education): "I began teaching Latin (and English) at Spotsylvania High School, Spotsylvania, Virginia in the autumn of 1970 with a total of 54 Latin students. By my retirement in 2004, there were nine full-time Latin teachers in the county. Honored five times as teacher of the year in my county (1976, 1984, 1996, 2000, and 2004), I taught the most wonderful students in the world. During the '70s, '80s and '90s I served as a consultant for the Virginia Department of Education in matters of pedagogy, teacher certification and textbook selection, chaired the committee to write and edit the SOL for Latin during the writing/editing/implementation phases, and gave many presentations at national, state and local foreign language conferences on subjects from pedagogy and resources to creating enthusiasm for the study of Latin. I taught as an adjunct at Mary Washington College for seven years and taught a methods course in Latin instruction at W&M in the summer of 1979. From 1992 until 2002, I served as Coordinator for Foreign Languages and ESL in Spotsylvania County while teaching half days. During the latter years of my career, I served on the writing committee of the National Latin Exam helping to create and edit the annual exams. Since my retirement from the classroom in 2004, I continue to tutor privately and have the privilege of meeting regularly with two other retired Spotsylvania County Latin teachers to read together Latin which we have neither taught nor read previously. And, I have already put the bug into the little ears of my three grandchildren about the NECESSITY of taking Latin as soon as it is available to them in school. In these tough economic times when school budgets and programs are being cut to the bone, I pray that Latin will NOT suffer and that young teachers with enthusiasm, knowledge and determination will continue to attract and edify our youth with all the positive things that study of Latin provides." (7/11).

Kelvin Ramsey '79 (Classical Studies): "I am in my 32nd year at the Delaware Geological Survey at the University of Delaware. After W&M, I went on for a M.S. at Vanderbilt and a PhD at the Univ. of Delaware, both in geology. At Delaware, I had the pleasure of having John C. (Chris) Kraft on my committee. Chris conducted geoarcheological investigations at Troy and Thermopylae reconstructing ancient shorelines. We had great conversations about the ancient world and the intersection between coastlines and culture. I went by the Classical Studies reception at Homecoming this year and was thrilled to talk with Dr. Jones. It turns out that I have a tangential connection with Wm. Hogan who made the generous bequest to the Classics program. When I was looking for a college, I was directed to visit Mr. Hogan who lived in my home county (Charlotte). He told me about W&M and about his working for Dr. Swem (yes, that Swem) at the library. It was partly because that visit that I went to William and Mary. It is great to see the department thriving and doing such wonderful research." (11/19).

Harold Washington '78: "Hi everyone. I have nice memories of my classmates and professors in Classics. I am now Professor of Hebrew Bible at Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City MO ( Best wishes to all" (3/11).

Mary Addamiano Redline '77: is teaching Latin part-time at Parkland High School and works for the Lutheran seminary, for which she was able to secure funding for historic preservation projects. She attended the Governor's Institute for World Language Teachers. (4/10)