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Robert D. Pike

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Research Areas: Inorganic, Materials
Email: [[rdpike]]
Office: Integrated Science Center 2043
Webpage: {{}}
Office Phone: (757) 221-2555

Areas of Specialization

Inorganic chemistry, inorganic polymers, organometallics, and X-ray crystallography


I am an inorganic chemist. Inorganic chemistry is the study of compounds based on elements other than carbon. Strange as it may seem, many inorganic compounds (including virtually all of the ones we study) have carbon-based groups in them. The distinction between inorganic and organic compounds is sometimes a matter of taste, but if there's at least one metal atom in a compound, it's inorganic to me. Inorganic compounds are found in the earth (minerals, metal ores, metals, clays), in the water (dissolved salts) and air around us, in living things (salts, metal-containing proteins, such as hemoglobin, bone), and in countless consumer products (metals, semiconductors, concrete, glass). My specific research interests are in the fields of inorganic polymers, organometallics, and X-ray crystallography.

Research Opportunities for Students