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Robert J. Hinkle

Professor; Vice-Dean of Natural, Physical, and Computational Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

Research Area: Organic
Email: [[rjhink]]
Office / Research Lab / Vice Dean's Office: ISC 2043 / ISC 2070 / Ewell Hall 136
Office Phone: (757) 221-1501
Website: {{}}

Areas of Specialization

Catalytic use of Bi(III) compounds for the synthesis of ethers and the chemistry of iodonium salts.

Research Opportunities for Students:

We are interested in creating new reactions and studying reactive intermediates. In particular, we creating novel molecules using oxocarbenium ion and iodonium ion intermediates in cascade, or domino reaction sequences. These complex processes involve a number of discreet organic transformations in which the individual reactions must take place in a specific order for the overall reaction to afford products in reasonable yields. In essence, one reaction (domino) must fall (react) before the next reaction can proceed, and so-on.