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Combined Chemistry M.S./Applied Science Ph.D.

Opportunities for graduate study with Chemistry faculty members beyond the Master of Science degree are possible through the affiliation of Chemistry faculty members with the Applied Science Department. Prospective doctoral students are strongly encouraged to open a dialog with those members of the Chemistry faculty whose research is of most interest to confirm availability both of projects suitable for dissertation research and of sufficient financial aid. A candidate for the combined degrees of an M.S. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Applied Science is initially admitted to the graduate program in Chemistry. Following satisfactory completion of one to three semester(s) of graduate coursework and research and with the approval of their research advisor, Chemistry M.S. degree candidates interested in continuing their graduate research projects at the doctoral level may apply for admission to the Applied Science Ph.D. degree program. In addition to the combined Chemistry M.S./Applied Science Ph.D. described here, students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. under the supervision of a member of the Chemistry faculty may apply directly for admission to the Ph.D. program in Applied Science.

Students pursuing the combined Chemistry, M.S./Applied Science, Ph.D. degrees must discuss educational goals with their research advisors to ensure a coherent coursework plan that satisfies the requirements of both degree programs. For admission to the Ph.D. program in Applied Science from the M.S. program in Chemistry, the candidate must pass a comprehensive qualifying exam demonstrating competence in his or her field of study and all parts of the core Applied Science sequence from which they are not formally exempt. The comprehensive exam for the Applied Science Ph.D. can be used to satisfy the comprehensive exam for the Chemistry M.S. degree. No thesis is required for the M.S. degree in Chemistry if a student elects to pursue a Ph.D. in Applied Science and is accepted into the doctoral program in Applied Science. Please also consult the graduate catalog.